Share your 2018 bag offers!

  1. I wanted to share my blue encre comparison pics for this considering this blue. It’s not a direct comparison because the blue encre is on Togo while my so is blue sapphire and blue hydra in chevre.

    Blue encre is the perfect navy blue imho. While other may feel that it lacks the pop of blue electric, I think it’s unique enough to stand out against an all-black outfit.

  2. Thanks for the comparison photos! I'm loving this color so much!
  3. B25 anemone x etoupe Matt gold hardware
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  4. Omg! Anemone is back?! Or is this a SO?
  5. It's SO and available at shop. Not sure if anemone is back for normal offer though hope it is!
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  6. Wow thanks for this photo. It really looks like blue encre is closer to navy. Gorgeous color!
  7. Congrats on your new blue beauty!
  8. Has anyone been offered a craie kelly recently? it feels like this color is super rare to get nowadays :/
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  9. Haven’t seen craie lately, but there is beton!
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  10. Yes.. a week or two ago in evercolor with ghw.
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  11. Has anyone been offered an Abricot Kelly or Birkin?
    I only heard offers for blue encre only
  12. One of my friends through IG bought Abricot Kelly from FSH....
  13. My mother in law was offered a abricot birkin 30 in palladium and she brought it home with her :smile: It is such a nice neutral peach color. This is in the ny store.
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  14. Wow thank you guys !

    I’m happy to know that
  15. Mini K11 black matte alligator PHW Pondering!!