Share your 2018 bag offers!

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  1. Was offered the 24 24 bag but declined. I just don't think this is an $11k bag. No county Gorgeous in gold togo and swift but is this bag really worth $11k? I hope i don't regret this lol
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  2. Just want to chime in that I believe that's the Barenia version that you were offered. Barenia Faubourg body and heritage Barenia on the flap. ;)
  3. I was offered a Kelly Lettre in Apricot recently
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  4. Wow.. that would make the decision much tougher for me. I'd probably still hold out for a B/K though.
  5. I’m sure it looks amazing in reality
  6. C18 in Noir GHW - passed
    C18 in Etain RGHW - took her home!
    Herbag in noir/noir - took her home for a friend who has been searching for one!
  7. Please share a pic! I bet Etain with RGHW is divine!!
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  8. Here she is!

    C18 Etain epsom RGHW - definitely a
    chameleon shade!

  9. Wow. It looks much lighter than etain in Togo. Almost looks “gris asphalt-y” .. it is absolutely gorgeous with the RG. Makes the color a little softer and warmer. Yum! :loveeyes:
  10. K25 Sellier Apricot PHW :flowers:
  11. A k25 swift Rose Azalee ghw. Yes!
  12. My sa offered me few bags, and I need some help! One is K25 vert cypress with gold hardware, I have no idea about this colour,can some one share?

    The other is A CUSTOM 2-Tone Birkin 30 in Rose Pourpre/Rose Azalea with gold hardware in Togo leather.Both colour are petty bright, I can’t imagine what will looks like.

    Any comments will be appreciate.
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  13. Both are stunning, but the two tone is a dream bag!!!!
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  14. I am new to the world of Hermès but the dual pink tones B sounds to die for!!!! Is the main colour R Poupre or R Azalea?
  15. ummmm i agree, RUN for that custom B30!!!! :loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes:
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