Share your 2018 bag offers!

  1. Thank you so much my dear for your sweet words
  2. Thank you for the comparison pic Kkho, v helpful. Gorgeous croc color and looks like its easy to match.... congrats again! :heart:
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  3. I got offer in my favorite dream color Malachite for my very first Birkin!! I love my selling supervisor from Wall Street New York!! 52EBB1E1-FECE-4B38-B5FE-746A835B0BE5.jpeg
  4. Gorgeous! Super congrats, looks beautiful on you!
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  5. wow, aprilbreeze123, so happy for you. I love the malachite on you! Congrats! And what a lovely skirt.
  6. Can’t wait for this one!! Love all your gorgeous bags!
  7. Congratulations! Very beautiful and looks amazing on you!
  8. So jealous! She’s a beauty!
  9. Got an offer today for a smooth barenia b25. If it was a b30, I would have jumped at it but I think the b25 is too small :sad:
  10. it looks perfect and so neat!
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  11. Huge congrats! The first one is always very special. You and the B both look beautiful.
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  12. Congrats! It’s my dream colour too!
  13. You are too cute. Congrats on scoring your dream color in a Birkin
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  14. I know! Especially bc it’s your first too!!
  15. Ouuu I love 25s
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