Share your 2018 bag offers!

  1. Megs and I welcomed our baby boy earlier this month and wanted to share the news with the TPF community. Come say hello to Baby Vaughn!
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  1. Beautiful bag! So happy for you!
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  2. Congrats!
  3. Thank you so much
  4. Thank you labellavita27
  5. I posted in my last hermes purchase, but:
    kelly 20 in black chevre ghw - taken
    kelly 28 in togo ghw - passed
  6. OMG!!! This is my dream bag and it has been on my wishlist foreverrrrr!! Waiting to be offered an SO soon to make a b30 gold with red interior!! Looks great on you! Congrats!!
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  7. Thank you so much for your sweet words my dear
    I hope your SO will arrive as soon as possible and your dream becomes true!!!
    Gold with red interior sounds gorgeous Patience is not easy but it’s definitely worth it
    Please share your bag with us immediately when she arrives
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  9. Hi my dear!! Thank you so much
    Bag twins yeeeeeeyyyyy
  10. @stillfabulous,
    Thank you very much I am very happy about your answer.
    My Holy Grail is a Barenia B and a BBB.
    Last year, one of my HG Barenia B came true, now I'm waiting eagerly for a BBB and hope it will come true someday.
    Yes you are absolutely right it is worth waiting for.

    Should I be offered a Raisin instead of a black one, I would not know what to do.
    May I ask you if you would also opt for a B. in Raisin box or exclusively for a black B.

    My SA offered me the C 18 in Raisin Box because he knows I want a BBB, now I'm not sure if at the moment box leather is only available in the color Raisin.
    What am I crazy thoughts, even though I still have no offer at all.
  11. Box is back in RH, Raisin, Saphir and Black in small amounts. I think your BBB will show up with some patience.
  12. @ periogirl28
    My Barenia B was actually a push offer, she arrived about 3 months after my specific request.
    Now I hope that this time I will be so lucky again.

    Thank you very much for your information, I am very happy with all the knowledge that we can share here together.
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  13. @ periogirl28
    Wow this is cool information, I am very happy to hear that.
    I wait years to come back from box leather.
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  14. You look gorgeous with your Goldie B30 !
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  15. I am picking up a bag on Friday. This time, I will keep my mouth shut until the revelation happens.