Sequin Damier mini pochette stolen

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  1. Yes, I forgot it. I was carrying two drinks so my hands were full. I was too distracted trying to prep the cups for transport. I did talk to the employees and left a note for the manager. I will ask about the security footage. That is a great idea.
  2. #47 Nov 19, 2013
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2013
    I called LV in the US. Customer service doesn't have one and I cannot get a store to ship it to me since I am overseas. I can't have it shipped to a US address since I no longer live at any of my previous US addresses. I called LV here and it looks like I can find it at a store but the store prices are the same as the US secondary market (~$165 more than US retail). I may just have to bite the bullet and spend the extra money.
  3. Thanks for all the good thoughts, everyone. You gave me some great ideas. I will talk to the manager tomorrow about getting security footage. There is a good chance it was another American--since locals are rather trustworthy.

    It was the blue one. If I get another it will be black or red with the hopes that the blue will show up one day. I've had coworkers whose wallets showed up two weeks later (with money missing, of course). That may not be the case since it was an LV and very lovely. I will probably post a REWARD sign on the bulletin board. Couldn't hurt.

    I keep reminding myself about Karma. So I had to chuckle when I saw some mentions of it. Again, thanks for the supportive thoughts! Now, I need to convince DH to buy me a new one since I cannot access any of my money with all my cards blocked/cancelled. hehe
  4. The positive thoughts worked! DH bought me a black pochette last weekend to replace my stolen blue one. Plus...yesterday, someone turned in my blue pochette! The money and my ration card were missing but my IDs and cards were still there. I'll still need to monitor activity on my accounts but at least I have the cards in my hand.

    Thanks again everyone! :hugs:

  5. Wow!!!! That is fantastic news B!! Now you have two beautiful sequin pochettes, who would have thought it would be returned?? I'm so happy for you!! 😊💖
  6. I know, right? WHo would have thought. Thanks Possum!!! Happy Holidays!
  7. That's great news! I'm so happy for you :smile:
  8. That's wonderful news, so happy you got your pochette back!
  9. That's wonderful news! Yay! I'm so happy for you that you got your beautiful pochette and your IDs back!
  10. Now you have two :smile:
  11. Thanks everyone! :smile:
  12. Wow that is wonderful news!!! Aww how did it get stolen??
  13. That's wonderful news! To be on the safe side you might want to replace the cards anyway.
  14. That is such wonderful news! They are all sold out here, I tried to get one. I am so happy for you. Watch your credit cards.

    TWO!, what a lucky woman you are.
  15. What great news -- so glad your pochette was returned -- and congrats on getting a black one - what a sweet hubby!!