Senreve Maestra

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  1. Just bought one and it does tilt really bad with little stuff put in. It's not practical at all to use it during commute. Pulling stuff in and out is a nightmare.
  2. Hi ladies! Anyone have the mini maestra? Is it heavy? I like a lightweight bag.
  3. Yikes! Thanks for your honest review. I really wanted to get one too cause I like the backpack aspect. It looks beautiful and seems they have customer service, but I don't like the idea of paying ~$900 with taxes vs my Givenchy bag which is only $700 more (and less so during sales season in spring), but reliable quality.
  4. Depends on which leather you get. Mimosas is heavier because it’s ticker and have additional glassy coating. Pebble and smooth leather are lighter IMO.
    My Mini is in Mimosas. It’s not super lightweight, but I can have it on as a backpack for several hours without any problem.
  5. I have both the mini and the large Maestra bags. Because of the design and where the long strap connects to the bag, it will always tilt when it is worn. I don’t really mind it though. I put my phone in the back pocket. I have an iPhone XS Max and it fits perfectly in both the large and mini bags. I don’t find it to be too troublesome to get in and out of, but I do find it easier to get into and out of my large Maestra because the clasp is different than on the mini.
  6. Hi all! I have a question. I am 5’2” and the regular Maestra seems like it would be too large for me. I am interested in getting a maestra for my laptop which is 13”. Do any of you have the medium size bag and if so, can you fit a laptop it it? Can you please share pics! Thanks!
  7. I just got the Maestra in blush and the laptop pocket barely fits my 13 inch work laptop (PC, not a MacBook). The tilting bothered me at first but now I don’t notice it. My question is that on the top flap, there’s an air bubble between the micro suede and the leather where it’s almost like the leather is larger than the micro suede. Is this normal? On my other designer bags, the suede and leather are flush/the same size.
  8. 3AD3234C-5193-491C-B048-A887B7DC240A.jpeg 1B5E3055-A94B-4E9A-AFA9-2A5B5B715BA1.jpeg It is the BEST work bag. I am constantly carrying a laptop (and then some) for work, and the maestra bag is an essential part of getting through my day. I love the style and design of the bag. I normally grab and use it as a satchel, but on those days that I carry a lot, instead of going through the painful/ annoying ordeal that shoulder straps create, I can transition it to a backpack... hello relief! The sturdiness of the bag is also amazing and perfect for traveling too.

    F8D857AB-28E9-42D1-9A48-7DF181B4009F.jpeg The bag is an instant organizer. There are tons of pockets in various sizes allowing for the organization and easy accessibility for the different things that we normally shove into our regular bags, only to spend two minutes shoveling to the bottom to find it. Need a big, loose pocket for your cord and charger? No problem... maestra got that covered. Sunglasses, pen? There's a place for that too.

    It never fails to be a talking piece. I'm just obsessed. The brand truly speaks for itself. For those who just purchased it, I suggest utilizing every possible feature, and take the time to make the maestra work perfectly for you. We all have different lives with different needs, but this bag is amazingly transformational. Every time I try to use any other bag, it just does not live up to this one. D773C9AD-7C33-4BDA-A210-B9DC3F94C60A.jpeg 5C50694D-F450-4CE8-AA5F-4A90002A5ECF.jpeg
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    I got a Maestra Midi in Mimosa black! It arrived superfast and is a beautiful sturdy bag!
    It actually is a bit smaller than I anticipated, but the perfect every day size.

    I have been swooning over the Maestra a while now and could not decide between the Midi and the Mini because I was actually afraid if the Midi (sounded like the better size in terms of usability) was to big on my frame (I am 5‘2“ only).
    But it turned out the perfect size! Very happy with the purchase!

    Did anybody else get something?

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  11. Got the Mini Maestria in Smooth Soft Blue, came in overseas within 3 days and in perfect condition !!
  12. It looks absolutely lovely on you!
  13. Hi everyone!! I have eyeing the mini maestra for a while now. Does anyone have it in sand? Any color transfer? Second choice would be black or storm. Can't decide!! :biggrin::biggrin:
  14. So beautiful!! How are you liking it??