Senreve Maestra

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  1. I just returned the mini. Upon closer inspection I noticed stitching on the strap that was gaping and would sooner than later completely rip. Even more troubling was where one of the strap holders on bottom rear of bag was also gaping and I could see where the piece had been glued and come apart. Unacceptable. Anyone looking to purchase one of these bags needs to really be cognizant of the problems others have encountered. Thank goodness for the PurseForum!
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    Good decision to buy from Nordstrom because unlike Senreve, they stand by their policies.

    I am done with them, back to brands who make products that actually stand the test of time.

    I'm glad you found out early and didn't throw your money down the drain.
  3. Gorgeous! Is that the Merlot or the Bourdeaux?
  4. I really really wanted one of these bags! Thank goodness I found this thread first. Looks to me like they have grown too big too fast and quality control can't keep up. Such a shame because it was different and seemed like it would be a keeper:annoyed:
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  5. Hi SusanlovesLV, it's a Merlot and it is gorgeous. I have asked the moderators to take down my posts because Senreve's customer service reached out to me and gave me the impeccable service that they are famed for. My faith is restored and I am a Senreve fan and customer for life. Looking at buying the Doctor bag next.
  6. Hi jenjen1964, I had similar thoughts but they have been amazing since then and I want to let everyone know that. I stand behind them because they have gone out of their way to rectify the situation. I am impressed and I wish all companies were consumer-centric like Senreve.
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  7. Hi dooneybaby, Senreve reached out to me and gave me amazing customer service. They replaced my bag and I highly recommend them. My friends and my boss bought the large Maestra and are super happy with their purchase. I have the mini but I am upgrading to the Midi. Not buying the large only because I am very petite and it would be too big for my frame. I am a physician and have a toddler, and the Maestra is perfect to go from work to running behind him at the park.
  8. Hi Clathrin! The bag does not tilt and it is perfect for work. The smooth leather is beautiful. People stop me on the street because they are curious about Senreve and compliment the bag.
  9. Hi Margee14, the leather is easy to clean. I personally love the white Maestras.
  10. Senreve reached out to me as well! Even after 8 months since my 4th Mini arrived (last three were from a bad batch).
    From the long chat with Senreve, they acknowledged some quality issues and inconsistent warranty principle arose when the company grew too fast in a short period. They have been actively making corrective action and implementing new quality spec for months now. They offered me a newer version of Maestra (Midi) as the replacement. I will share my thoughts after the Midi arrives.
    Meanwhile, I encourage those who are interested in Senreve to give this passionate startup company a try. Don't be discouraged by the negative feedbacks because, from my personal experience, Senreve will make sure their customers are fully satisfied with their products, and they stand behind the lifetime warranty guarantee.
    Feel free to PM me if you have more question regarding to my experience with Senreve.
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  11. Senreve is a brand founded and backed by women. Who better to understand the demands of a woman's day than another woman. The bags have been designed with a lot of thought and consideration. I used to constantly change my bags until I got the mini Maestra which became my everyday bag. Granted there was a hiccup but the company came through and that says a lot. From my recent experience, I can say that they truly care about their customer's satisfaction. I am incredibly touched by the lengths they have gone to ensure that they stand by their warranty. My next purchase will be the Doctor Bag which I have been eyeing for a while and I will be posting pictures and reviews. What we need today is women supporting women entrepreneurs, and I am proud to stand by the incredible women who founded this quality brand.
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  12. Also want to throw in my two cents about these bags. I purchased a Midi Maestra in Mimosa Storm in May and have been using it regularly since. I LOVE this bag. I primarily use it to schlep everything back and forth from work on the train. The mimosa leather has held up really well even after being rained on a few times. The bag is maintaining its shape, and I haven't had any issues with things ripping off or stitches coming out. The craftsmanship is very quality, and while it's not quite up to the craftsmanship of my Celine Micro Belt Bag (the closest thing in size and shape that I currently own), the Midi Maestra also cost almost $1500 less. Not to mention the fact that because it was a lot less expensive than my Celine bags, I don't stress out as much about using it day-to-day. Looking at purchasing the larger Maestra size in a pebbled leather. Bummed to hear that others haven't had as wonderful of an experience, but sounds like Senreve has acknowledged some of their issues and is working to correct them. K, climbing down off my soapbox now.
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  13. Thanks for this post. I needed to hear this.
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  15. Hi everyone - long time thread watcher/first time poster here - just wondering how your Maestras have held up in weather? I really wanted to love this brand but after one outing in the rain (umbrella’d up but with a few inevitable drops landing on my bag) I’ve ended up with tiny rain spot air bubbles on my new bag (see pics) which won’t go away even with my normal luxe leather conditionor. Thought these bags were supposed to be water resistant? I have a bunch of Celines and LV which don’t claim to be water resistant and this has never happened to them on similar journeys to work 8A86F580-E080-4C45-9C9D-0CCB66BC7ABB.jpeg E4FDDDFA-9B7B-4E6E-8648-3667438E38E9.jpeg 586FCD64-BB4E-41D5-B754-78C4DC46444B.jpeg . Super frustrating!