Senreve Maestra

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  1. Does anyone on this bag? I'm considering purchasing one, but would love a real user review and some modeling photos.

    Anything you all can provide would be greatly appreciated!!
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  2. Megs review I think was part of why I became so interested, but the bag looks so big in some photos and kind of medium sized in others.

    I think I'm probably going to try a mini maestra in a few months. I figure if the mini is too small then I will try the regular size ( I work from home so I only need a bag that will carry my every day junk, but I love the design of maestra)

    Have a great day!!
  3. Did you ever get this bag? I just ordered the mini in blush but it is backordered until December.
  4. Nordstrom is carrying this brand on line now. Maybe check there
  5. I just bought this bag and absolutely love it. Perfect size work bag. Holds my LV makeup bag and wallet, pen case, laptop, 1 inch binder and glasses stuff in the pockets. The backpack option is what sold me. I can not sing the praises of this bag loud enough. The leather is gorgeous and lightweight. I had originally bought the MCM Milla and found it way too heavy and the sections were too small. I think I'll buy the mini maestra for non-work use.
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  6. What color did you buy? I’m waiting for mine to arrive
  7. I bought the black. Which one did you get? I really like the orange and blush in the mini.
  8. It’s my big girl work bag and I thought ice would be work appropriate but I’m a girly girl at heart and I couldn’t stop obsessing over the blush! Really excited to get my hands on it and see how I feel. My job isn’t too serious that I can’t carry a pink bag :smile:
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  9. I am so NOT a pink person, but it is stunning! Please share pics when it arrives!
  10. I received my bag on Monday and have been using it since, I’ll post pictures later today. It’s a pale blush pink, very pretty. Very big too, I’m still a little iffy about size and weight!
  11. IMG_0627.jpg IMG_0629.jpg

    Here’s my workhorse, I love all the pockets and it looks better than carrying a backpack or two different bags to work. It fits everything in there, I’ve got a 14” laptop. It’s quite heavy but wearing it as a backpack works out well, the weight feels evenly distributed. Going to see who I feel for another week!

    Small note, I can’t get the color to show up quite right, the first one looks very washed out but it was an overcast day. The second still doesn’t look quite there. It’s a very pretty baby pink!
  12. I just ordered the mini yesterday in blush pink too. Can’t wait to get it. I can’t really tell on how the colour is cuz it differs in pictures as a result of lighting etc. I’m exciting to see how it looks it in personal.
  13. After reading Meg’s review, I bought the Maestra mini in blush pink. It is beautiful and just in time for spring. The mini is a great size if you’re looking for a small-medium sized bag. It’s slightly bigger than the Celine nano. IMG_5579.jpg 0D3EEBDD-B024-4817-A6F6-507822A448E6.jpg
  14. Didn't know that we have a Senreve thread here! The maestra in blush pink looks good in actual photo! I've been eyeing on their doctor bag for quite some times but couldn't decide if I should go ahead. Have been searching for reviews here and there as well! Anyone here owns a doctor bag? Mind to share? :biggrin:
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