Senreve Maestra

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  1. I am so sorry to hear your awful experience! Have you called Senreve to find out anything they can do to assist? My Mimosa Mini has a glossy finished, so it handles rain and small water spill very well. All I did was to wipe leather with a dry cloth immediately (within few minutes) after exposing to water. I have a Bracelet Pouch in Pebbled, and I apply the same drying method to it.
  2. Yeah, I wiped it down as soon as I got into the office and still got the bubbles, I'm always religious about these things as I love my bags. Still feel a bag that is called water resistant shouldn't bubble like this, the leather is almost behaving like it hasn't been treated with any finish even though I can feel it has one. Going to email Senreve today and see if they can help out. Oh and for those direct messaging my bag is the large Maestra in ice so it has the pebbled leather!
  3. I will keep them on my radar then! On a ban until spring but will check back into this thread, thanks for the input!
  4. Just received my Mini Maestra in Coral.
    Shipment to Switzerland was very fast (1 business day / got a free shipping offer for Christmas), the quality is amazing!
    I’m so far very happy with my purchase




    I’m 156cm so the Mini is perfect!
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  5. Update on this. I emailed Senreve and they've instantly sent a replacement. Mentioned they had a bad batch and think my bag was part of it. Looking forward to getting my replacement and it's great they acted so quickly.
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  6. Congrats
    This color has a WOW effect. It is so pretty and looks perfect on you.
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  7. I wana share my thoughts on the SENREVE’s Maestra in Cream, because I know not everyone gets to see and feel it in person first. I’ve been using it literally everyday. I think every lady wants a bag that solves all their problem for them, and Senreve managed to do that for me.
    • The design is so elegant and the leather feels luxurious under my fingers. I get complimented all the time on it by strangers!
    • The structure is fantastic. My maestra sits well on its metal feet and hold up its shape when I work at coffee shops. My friends who carry their Goyard and LV as work bags have a much harder time sitting them up.
    • The color stayed very pristine and I can easily wipe off any stain or blemishes.
    • The volume and compartmentalization are incredible. It has a space for my laptop, water bottle, keys, pens, notebooks and even light gym clothes.
    • The suede lining inside take good care of my delicate digital products.
    • Security security security… it is impossible for someone to pickpocket me because I can clearly feel it if someone undo the strap. All the studs and zips keep my belongings really safe, esp because I wear the Maestra as a backpack a lot.
    Value for Money
    I am huge on value rather than absolute dollar value, and SENREVE has been a top investment for me. Its durable leather, Italian details, and clever design for every occasion possible will last me many, many years.

    Caring for it
    • I got my SENREVE nearly a year ago and it is practically impeccable still.
    • I’ve brought this bag to 6 different countries across 3 continents, and it has proven itself resistance to tear-and-wear
    • I use a damp cloth to softly wipe down the stains every 2 weeks or so
    Wear and Tear
    • The color has stayed in its rich, creamy color and it is not meant to be shining white-out color, so don’t over scrub it.
    • Keep in mind its still a leather bag so try not to overburden it. I have definitely strained my should strap too much, and it tears a bit where it meets the metal loop, because I stuff my bag with books and tablets.
    • Don’t clean with too much pressure but wipe gently when you clean. I screwed up a corner of my bag by scratching with my cloth.
    • The bottom stains more often since I like it place it by my feet. But these stains have come off with a gentle wipe without failure.
    Personal notes
    • The number of pockets in this bag saves my life. I use the sneaky pocket at the back to put away my card-holder, esp in the chaotic rush hour on NYC subway. Interior pockets also help me actually find things in 2 seconds.
    • Get the original size Maestra! I love this size because it truly goes everywhere with me, fitting in my most important poession- my laptop. But I am 5 feet 7, so you might wana consider the Midi/Mini if you are more petite.
    • It’s not awkwardly big at all. I saw the bag in person before I got it, and the rectangular shape looks good to be a shoulder bag and a backpack. As a shoulder bag, it sits on my hip as I walk which is comfortable.
    I am now eyeing the Doctor bag in chestnut which I can’t keep my eyes away from ahhh. What do you think of your Senreve bags?


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  8. That color is gorgeous!! Love it with your shoes too
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  9. Has anyone tried the Doctor bag? I've seen images of Selma Blair with it and thought it looked absolutely gorgeous. Trying to decide between one of the smaller Maestras and the Doctor for my first Senreve purchase. I love that the founders are women and it's great that they're so willing to help out their customers when something goes wrong!
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  10. Does anyone else have trouble with the maestra tipping forward? I had the reg size o e and sold it as it always looked like it was tipping forward when I wore it shoulder style
  11. Hi! I have the Doctor bag in the Sand color. I don't have great pictures of it on my phone but I've included two. To me, the pictures on the website look kind of rigid and I think it's cuter in person. It's very wide and the inside is more spacious than I thought it would be. I like to wear it on weekends but it would work well as a work handbag too. Hope this helps! :smile:
    doctor bag.JPG doctor bag 2.jpg
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  12. oh and I'm 5' 2" if that helps!
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  13. That is gorgeous - thank you for sharing! I ordered a Midi Maestra and will definitely share once it's arrived and I've worn it for a bit, but now I might need to get a Doctor too ;)
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  14. I do! It's kinda frustrating really, and more of an issue when I have my laptop in the bag. Not just aesthetically, but it hits you in the hip when you have it on the shortest length possible. And then it hits you at the back of the thigh when you have it on the longest length and are wearing it crossbody.

    I've been feeling conflicted about my Maestro... I love the premise of the company and that the bags were made with functionality in mind, but have had some issues with the quality. I bought it some time in 2017 and I think they were still quite new then and hope that they're ironed out some of those quality issues. I am glad that I found this thread and saw that they have great customer service though! I was about to completely write them off but will give them one more chance to make it better.
  15. Yah ofc! Can't wait to see your bag!