Senreve Maestra

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  1. Has anyone tried the Doctor bag? I've seen images of Selma Blair with it and thought it looked absolutely gorgeous. Trying to decide between one of the smaller Maestras and the Doctor for my first Senreve purchase. I love that the founders are women and it's great that they're so willing to help out their customers when something goes wrong!
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  2. Does anyone else have trouble with the maestra tipping forward? I had the reg size o e and sold it as it always looked like it was tipping forward when I wore it shoulder style
  3. Hi! I have the Doctor bag in the Sand color. I don't have great pictures of it on my phone but I've included two. To me, the pictures on the website look kind of rigid and I think it's cuter in person. It's very wide and the inside is more spacious than I thought it would be. I like to wear it on weekends but it would work well as a work handbag too. Hope this helps! :smile:

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  4. oh and I'm 5' 2" if that helps!
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  5. That is gorgeous - thank you for sharing! I ordered a Midi Maestra and will definitely share once it's arrived and I've worn it for a bit, but now I might need to get a Doctor too ;)
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  6. I do! It's kinda frustrating really, and more of an issue when I have my laptop in the bag. Not just aesthetically, but it hits you in the hip when you have it on the shortest length possible. And then it hits you at the back of the thigh when you have it on the longest length and are wearing it crossbody.

    I've been feeling conflicted about my Maestro... I love the premise of the company and that the bags were made with functionality in mind, but have had some issues with the quality. I bought it some time in 2017 and I think they were still quite new then and hope that they're ironed out some of those quality issues. I am glad that I found this thread and saw that they have great customer service though! I was about to completely write them off but will give them one more chance to make it better.
  7. Yah ofc! Can't wait to see your bag!
  8. I bought mine pretty recently (October 2018) and have been really happy with the quality!
  9. Sorry to read that. Did they replace the bag with the same colour same leather ? And you did not have the problem anymore ?
  10. Hey guys, been watching this thread a long time now and decided to go ahead and buy a Maestra for myself. I absolutely love it!! So, so beautiful and amazing quality. I noticed that some users had issues with their bags, and from what I read from other reviews, if you just reach out to the team, they are super accommodating and have stellar customer service. Also, I walked around with my bag under some light rain, and my bag seemed to hold up very well -- same can be said with excess dirt from walking around the city. I recommend just using a wet paper towel and wiping gently. I absolutely love the bag and would definitely buy it again.
  11. Hi Ladies, here are some updates after using the Sky Colorblock Midi for almost two months.
    Compare to Mini, Midi is much more practical to me and becoming my new travel companion.
    Since December, I took my Midi to five beaches, two cruises, two deserts, one jungle, and one theme park. I’m thrilled to tell you my Midi survives from hours of direct sunlight, dryness, temperatures below 32 F, heat, humidity, and even sea water!! Yap, you heard me right, SEA water !!! Finally, I found a luxury, stylist, and versatile bag with a reasonable price tag!! The most important thing is “I don’t have to baby the Midi!!” Here are some pictures under the bright light, yellow light, and natural sun light. AD67BA1D-46CF-445F-949A-E5949B9527E7.jpeg
    B48703A7-223C-4FF2-8520-295364B9C75C.jpeg 569B2ADC-90D1-44B4-94E9-F563B62F03FE.jpeg 3A476CFC-6FB4-4A97-BF6D-7BE73F0BCF33.jpeg
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  12. 73234D12-31C9-42B0-81DF-CC9A20078849.jpeg
    I bought the doctor bag in mocha smooth leather back in December 2018 ( I just did a quick reveal on this forum). So far so good. I feel that given it’s a relatively young brand, it’s a bit to Tod’s - similar leather quality and I can find something at Tod’s outlet with similar/less price range.
    I want to support local designers, so I do want to stay hopeful with this brand and wish them success in moving forward.
  13. Have been thinking about getting the Maestra. I've been reading/watching reviews and did come across some people who mention that 1) it is not so convenient to get stuff in and out of the bag and 2) that the bag tilts.. Has the bag tilting issue been resolved in the newer batches and that's why some people don't have that issue? Do you think it's a suitable bag for travels though i would need to get my camera in and out at times? The back pocket does look small, where do you guys usually stash the phone when on the go?
  14. Hi, fellys! Midi is my reliable travel companion. Most of the time, I wear it as a backpack, and I don’t zip it.

    Regarding to the level of convenience, it depends on your definition of convenience, and how you plan to wear the Maestra. I used my iPhone X Plus as the camera, so it could be very annoying when I had to take it in and out frequently. Hence, I kept my phone in the packet most of the time during sightseeing.

    The little packet in the back is too tight to serve much purpose to me besides putting my ID, credit card or room key.

    My Midi does not tilt when stands on its metal legs.
  15. Thank you nanami for sharing your thoughts! Much appreciated.. [emoji173]️