Scarves Scarf Of The Day 2019 - Which Hermès scarf are you wearing today?

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  1. I fell in love with Mountain Zebra, worn it again today :blush:with my favorite knot :loveeyes:. Please, excuse me for not participate in this week's theme. :blush::giggle::hbeat:
  2. No excuses necessary! We want your Scarf of the Day!
    The themes are for fun, and so that we can see our collex with new appreciation.

    BTW, some of the plants in Mountain Zebra are consumed for medicinal purposes, so you'd be right on theme.
    From Alice Shirley's Instagram post about MZ: "Fynbos needs protecting, its plants are rare and beautiful and sources of traditional medicine, the knowledge of which has been partially lost, waiting to be rediscovered."
  3. :biggrin::love::tup:Thanks for your information on the medicine part, then i am on theme:happydance:
    here i was yesterday and today:giggle:

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  4. You have a beautiful helper who appreciates fine things. I love the cozy woods in the background.
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  5. Electrique isn't my type of design, so I'm very happy that you are here to let me ogle vicariously and not feel tempted to get one :loveeyes:

    :lol: The last time I came across the term "blue-eyed menace", it was used to describe Agent 007!

    Lovely cw of MZ!
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  6. #14511 Oct 18, 2019
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2019
    Picnics are social gatherings with food and drink! L'elegance et le Confort en Automobile is designed to look like a picnic blanket, and you can see picnic sets designed by H depicted twice on the scarf. No food, though, the artist got there too early :P
    (Forgot to add: this was a ripple effect scarf from @momasaurus. I had to get one after she showed hers on SOTD a few years ago.)
  7. This one is marvelous with a white blouse! It's all about the scarf.
    I keep talking myself out of needing this scarf. Love this colorway!
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  8. Thanks to you and bunnycat this cw of Bains is at the top of my wishlist! Fabulous!
    wow Bunnycat! Axis Mundi Moussie! Perfect with that t-shirt and horn necklace. Love the entire look!
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  9. Twins on the Silk Mix and "sort of" twins on the blue eyed sweet kitty! (I'll have to post a pic of my sweet thing).
    Silk Mix was an unexpected delight for me. I loved the wild concerts back in the day and had to have it. I feel like I could spend hours looking at all the details in this one.
  10. Great pix! I love this scarf. I traded in my pink CW for this blue/green that you have!
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  11. Thank you - glad to ‘help’! :giggle: This is one I like better tied, than flat - plus I like orange!
    Thank you! :hugs:
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  12. Well roses are used to flavor syrups, drinks and desserts so I guess my Rose pour Alma qualifies for the theme :biggrin:
    Looks like I'm implementing the current season Hermes blue/pink color family in my outfit today! I do love those two colors together...

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  13. What did I miss :wtf:? I unfortunately had no wild concerts in my youth :crybaby: I think my lil sis went to one. She came back with ringing in her ears :rolleyes:

    Twins! :hugs:

    :tup: I love Rose Syrup. Une Rose Pour Alma ties really pretty. :girlsigh:
  14. Yummy!! :smile:
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  15. Absolutely! I can’t tell you how many of these “guys” look like my PH—practice husband—from the 70s!
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