Scared to get Louis Vuitton luggage?

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  1. So as of recently I've been seriously considering starting to collect Louis Vuitton luggage pieces, my first piece being a keepall 50 b, but I have some fears keeping me from it. I'm scared of one of my pieces getting damaged by the rough flying process and the possibility of someone stealing it. Did anyone else have these worries before getting luggage pieces? If so how did you get over it?
  2. There's always the option of buying pre-loved; I know a lot of people might not be sold on the idea but a pre-loved Keepall in good condition not only looks beautiful but it also gives off the sense that you're well-travelled. At that point there's not much that airports, security, or airlines can throw at it that will faze it in the slightest. I only bought new because I wanted a mon mono as well as to use it primarily for road trips, but I'll be looking at getting pre-loved for flying.
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  3. I've thought about that and I have no problem with buying pre loved! And I love the look of a beautiful patina I guess I'm afraid of something possibly snagging the bag..
  4. I purchased a pre-love that is like new condition. I did do a carry on with it only. I will not check it in. It will defiantly get throw around and possible damaged by the baggage handlers or the carousal conveyers. Even when is carry on, others will still try to move your bags on the overhead to try to fit their's in. Last time, that happened to mine. But it wasn't a big deal since is a pre-loved and I didn't paid full retail on. Maybe a 50 or 55 that you can use it as carry on so you don't have to worry about damages or lost?
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  5. There's also the possibility that a bird could poop on you when you step outside. It doesn't happen often though, if at all, and if it does then you just deal with it when it's time to cross that bridge. In the case of something snagging on the Keepall there isn't really much unless it's sent as checked luggage but as a carryon it's pretty safe...can you ever remember the last time you had a backpack or something else 'common' ever have a nasty incident? I know I personally can't.
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  6. It is totally natural to fear passing off your LV to strangers. While there is definitely checks and balances when giving your luggage over to the airline, a unscrupulous employee is going to know how to get around those. What I might do, to find balance in my own mind, is stick one of those tracking tiles in an unseen hidden area of the bag. That way if it is stolen then you can track it. This won't stop a baggage handler from treating your special bag like the thousands of other bags they see daily. Tossing it and shoving it. But if it is stolen it will help it be tracked.
  7. Usually when I travel I just bring along a couple of cheap duffle bags and I just put my keepalls inside it. It helps to protect it from scratches,water damage and it deters theft (I mean who wants to steal a $20 duffle:biggrin:)
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  8. If I was transporting something very expensive then I would actually buy a small suitcase or something with Dora the Explorer, Barbie, etc. all over it. How many thieves out there are going to look at Peppa Pig cruising around the carousel and go "yo, I'm gonna steal that bag 'cause it's got to have a lot of valuable stuff in it"?
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  9. Honestly, I adore my LV luggage-- but I ONLY buy luggage I'll carry on.
    I got a steal on a preloved Sirius 45, and it was pristine; even using a cover, after checking it just a few times the vachetta was filthy and it made me sick so I sold it. If you do not use a complete cover, and you check one, it's going to get abused-- baggage handlers have admitted to being deliberately rough with LV. That being said I sold my Sirius and will not check LV again.

    That being said, my Keepall 55 Bandouliere, the largest size you can carry on "legally" (airline size restrictions) and my small Pegase (again, carry on) are two of my most heavily used LV pieces. The Pegase is the most useful luggage piece I've ever had-- exceptionally roomy, even in the smaller size which fits overhead, and very rugged. I got mine preloved for an obscene steal, and I'll never let it go. I highly recommend finding a preloved Keepall and a Pegase, which can easily be had for under $1k and are fabulous carry-on luggage-- not just because you feel fab carrying them, but because they are rugged as all get out! I scored my Pegase, Keepall, Deauville and Cannes (latter two are for makeup) for less than $800 total preloved; one is from the mid 80s, two from the 90s and one is from the early 2000s. They all still look great, but are far from new. They've held up so well and have outlasted every single piece of luggage I've had. The luggage really is made for the long haul. If you buy preloved, you really don't worry about them taking some abuse... or at least, I don't! They can handle it, and before I got my Pegase I went through at least 5 suitcases in a decade, each of which cost $100 or more-- they eventually do pay for themselves.

    Just my .02.
  10. Fab advice, CC; thank you!
  11. I have several LV luggage pieces and love them! All bought brand new at the store. I used my Pégase a lot but right now I live in a city that requires flying smaller jets, which means that even in first class, I have to check in rolling carry-ons. So I stopped using my Pégase for flying. Keepall, Carryall, Greenwitch, etc... all awesome pieces to take on board with me. Don't be scared of using your LV luggage! Life is too short!
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  12. 100% agree!! When I bought my Keepall, I asked my SA for the largest size possible that could still be used as a carry on! I was not only worried about it being damaged but also about it "getting lost" :sad: That worked fine for me so far!! However, I've been on a flight once where the plane was really small and crowded, so they asked us to check in our carry on!! I didn't really like that but nothing bad happened! It didn't get lost or show any marks of "rough treatment".. ;)
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  13. I had to check-in my Pégase a few times when flying a small jet and it didn't get damaged... until it did and I had to replace one of the handles. No more large carry-on for me! I restrict my carry-on to a Keepall 45 or a backpack. So far so good.
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  14. Honestly, I feel air travel can be enough of a hassle that I don't think I'll ever consider LV luggage. Yes, I realize LV began as a luggage-maker. Yes, I love to fly, and I travel often.

    However, I just have a hard time justifying the cost for something that's going to be abused. I'd rather have more carefree luggage--I have cloth suitcases, and I've only gone through two suitcases in 20 years (the first one was just a beast).

    It's not just the airport. It's the taxis/Lyfts/Ubers (have you SEEN some of those trunks?), the unloading at hotels (no one ever seems to want to let me handle my own bags), the attention when wheeling LV down a sidewalk, etc. I do often fly out of a small airport, so I have the additional consideration of having to valet-check my bags (not the full baggage-claim check but still).

    The only way I'd be really comfortable with LV luggage is on driving trips, and I don't go on enough of those to make it worth it.
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  15. I decided that in order to complete my collection is to get a little case (Pegase 55). I have only used for a weekend and not for flying. The plan is to use it with my keepall 45 when I do get a chance to fly. I will be very scared to check it in....Therefore will try and carry it on with me on the plane.