Saw the Most Beautiful Spy Today

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  1. Today at Neimans i literally lost my breathe when i spotted a braided leather spy..OMG it was just so so stunning!! Has anyone else seen it? I am so in love :drool:
  2. Yes, I saw it yesterday at NM and the Fendi boutique. The workmanship is insane! I couldn't believe I was seeing an entire spy made to look like the handles. It's pretty fantastic. Though so is the price. *L*
  3. OMG i havent see it! Did you get any pics?! I have to see this, it sounds amazing!
  4. Would love to see pictures
  5. ahh i figured you all had seen it already !! i'll definitely take pics next time...its insanely beautiful!! it looks almost like a Bottega Veneta spy, the leather looks bronzed or glossy somehow..its just amazing!!
  6. Pictures please, please, please...
  7. this going to be another Need pictures, please....from anyone?????
  8. I don't think I've seen it. Pics?
  9. Now we all have to see it!
  10. Baglady you always crease me got that new spy of yours yet, want to see pictures....

    :popcorn:I am stuck in the UK, its another 3 weeks till I get to the US, so need everyone to look, locate, take a picture of this new spy
  11. YOU HEARD IT PFERS!! We have an assignment!:noggin:

    SAICH -- I wet my pants when that LE Spy showed up! :love: Will try to post later...
  12. Love saying "I told you so" Baglady, cannot wait to see the pictures its such a beautiful bag.

    :sos: wonder whos going to get the first picture, I so want to see this bag. Ladies, you all need to get your spy gear on and go out their and

    FIND THAT BAG........
  13. ahhhhh! I have to see this bag!