Salvatore Ferragamo Collections - post your pics here

  1. My first Ferragamo set IMG_1476153844.160667.jpg
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  4. 1477720692395-583140735.jpg 1477720776152918865519.jpg
    14777208040731897219078.jpg 1477720827543-204014117.jpg 1477720868264971269286.jpg 1477720896847-1874308461.jpg 1477720922144428949896.jpg
  5. Key and card holder in Bordeaux.

  6. Heres mine. Still so much in love with it!
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  7. Marie sandals from Summer 2015 sale.

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  8. Love those!
    Tired of boots already and it's barely winter.
  9. Thanks Murphy47. The black patent Marie is 50% off the current AW 2016 sale. I'm so glad I got that pair too. Modeling pics tomorrow.
  10. Looking forward to them!
  11. i recently bought one but i think i may have been duped :sad: thats what i get for buying off of a facebook group.
  13. Whoops, I forgot the modeling pic of Marie in Black Patent
  14. Love them. Are they comfy?