Salvatore Ferragamo Collections - post your pics here

  1. YES, super comfy for me. It's D width for my wide feet. No break in required. I would love to add more pairs in other colours. The heel height is great for walking.
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  2. Me and my Sofia on our way to my doctors appointment.
  3. Most recent one
  4. I found myself wearing Ninna the most because the sole is rubber I don't have to worry about the leather get ugly
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  5. Lovely Ninna, nice red.
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  6. The Sofia is such an elegant bag. With the crossbody bag, it looks effortlessly chic at the same time. Thank you for sharing this picture.
  7. Wow! I just gother my first Sofia. I can't wait to grow my family like yours! 20170203_090619.jpg
  8. My Vara bow jewelry
  9. Beautiful first Sofia! Congrats!
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  10. Thank you! I loovveeee my Sofia! I feel like for me it's the perfect bag. It has structure yet is squishy for hugging the body when worn crossbody! BUT it's so hard to find in the beautiful colors you have!
  11. I have the same sandals... Love them!
  12. Here are my three petite Ferragamo bags: miniFiamma, Abby, and my elegant black bag with its jewelry-like chain. Love them all ...
  13. Sounds beautiful. Would you mind sharing with pictures?
  14. Ugh... I uploaded pic IMG_2039.JPG and it looked like all was in place. Here goes again ...
  15. Awesome bags!