Salvatore Ferragamo Collections - post your pics here

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  1. IMG_1229.JPG Thought I would add my 1 little bag. Today she is wearing 2 twillies.
  2. Hi ladies,
    Really need help on this one. Particularly interested with this bag, not sure whether it is Medium Vara or Ginny Collection. Looks from the new line. Really loving the colour. But couldn't find much reference on the net. Any ideas? Much appreciated.
  3. IMG_3664.JPG
  4. It is Ginny. here's reference!3510!3!{creative}!{matchtype}!{placement}!{network}!!{keyword}&ef_id=V75WXQAABGpkjA@b:20170807223730:s
  5. Finally got my first pair (used from Posh) after hearing lots of praises from a good friend, let's call it a budding collection :smile: The box says the style name for these is Reply and the seller told me they are from about 7 years ago. I haven't been able to find any more info about this style because the name is so generic and I haven't seen any other references to a black patent F heel wedge anywhere! I kind of worry they're not authentic but to be honest for the price I paid and how amazing they look and how comfortable they are, I don't lose sleep over it :smile: If I knew they were for sure authentic I'd post them in one of the reference threads. One of the things that stood out to me was the outline logo, but the one other pump F wedge style I could find online (Romola) also has it so I feel somewhat better.


    I'd make a new thread for this next part but I'm a newbie so I can't yet - does anybody know much about other F heel wedge styles? I've seen a few including vintage ones but there don't seem to be very many. Very cool to see them pop up in the new season, though. Those black velvet booties with the gold wedge are absolutely killer.
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  6. Not a handbag girl (jewelry ftw), but was recently gifted the Aileen bag, and I am definitely in love
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  7. Love it lol! Never too much Ferragamo I say! Their stuff lasts forever, my first Ferragamo bag is almost 17 years old and is like new. I will post a pic when I get around to it. Enjoy your gorgeous collection
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  9. My Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo..
    55B3321D-6F57-45BA-8160-A936176CD439.jpeg 1F45451D-E1DB-4701-8C83-2B3FB3AF624F.jpeg EC5F6E03-F2E6-4AB9-BB66-743F5D602D09.jpeg
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  10. My Ferragamo collection :girlsigh:

    IMG_1408a.jpg IMG_1418a 1.jpg IMG_1455a1.jpg IMG_1420a.jpg
  11. I'm mostly into Ferragamo shoes but here is my collection...Varinas, Elea and a Vara Bow Mini Bag.
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  12. IMG_0980.jpg IMG_0981.jpg IMG_0982.jpg

    My ever growing Ferragamo family
  13. Wearing suede heel to work today IMG_1991.jpg
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  14. My pinks