Salvatore Ferragamo Collections - post your pics here

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  1. This is the thread for posting your awesome collections of Ferragamo bags, accessories, and shoes! Can't wait to see this thread fill up with pictures.
  2. My prized Ferragamo Collection!
    Pretty much all Marisa, Margherita, and one Wallet!
  3. Love, love, love your purple Marisa with the tan handles! Was that a special issue or are there other colors available with the tan handles?
  4. I've only seen the purple with the beige handles. :smile:
  5. This is my collection.
    000xwz46.jpeg s640x480-2.jpeg s640x480-1.jpeg s640x480.jpeg IMG_2215 08-02-58.JPG
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  6. This is actually a handphone charm but I use it as a bag charm
    IMG_2216.jpg IMG_2217.jpg IMG_2218.jpg
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  7. That's one gorgeous collection :drool: Very yummy! :P
  8. Beautiful collection pink angle! I love accessories :woohoo:
  9. What a great start to this thread! Awesome collections so far!
  10. [​IMG]

    Pink vs Yellow

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  11. Thank you Bichon Lover;)

    Fast n Furious, I love your pink shoes! :roflmfao:I'm very slowly trying to add to my Ferra shoe collection.

    I actually love their shoes and accessories more than the bags. Esp those with the signature ribbon:P
  12. thax angel .
    actually Salvatore's shoes are hurted :smile:
  13. I agree! Ferragamo shoes are not always the most comfortable choice.
  14. I wear flats and have always found the Ferragamo flats to be very comfortable.
  15. jburgh, do you have the varinia flats? how long does it take to break them in? I want the pink ones that fast n furious posted but I want them in black....