Saks Consolidation Sale

  1. My SA said the merchandises're pretty much leftovers from other Saks.
  2. Hi Ladies!

    So, I just called the New Orleans store and they told me they're not getting any more sale CL's. Is this true? Anybody ever been to the consolidation sale in new Orleans?
  3. They don't know exactly what they are getting until they unpack the items:smile:. It is all the sale merchandise consolidated to the listed stores. What sells in one area just sits in another....I have always had luck at ATL in the past and I intend to slip over there Thursday to see what had shown up!

    Good luck and happy hunting to everyone!
  4. For those who might shop at the one in BH: Shoes go quickly so come early. It is not a mad-dahs type of sale the way it is on the 4th. There are usually no bags to speak of. Sometimes one or two left over tory burch. For clothes, its pretty much everything that didnt sell or was returned. Jbrand and similar jeans run between $55-$85. Splendid t shirts run around $18. Tory burch tunics run around $75. Designer prices are worth the hassle but you need to make sure the item isnt damaged from everyone picking over. There is usually a lot of men's suits, blazers, shirts, etc. Saks doesnt have the greatest men's store so the brands for men tend to be polo, vince, gant, robert graham, theory and the like. It's a fun sale to go to if you have the time. Last year returns were not permitted so that's likely the case this year.
  5. Does anyone know if the kids stuff will be back to 70% off? I missed the sale on 4th of july
  6. Bagbeast- thanks for the info. How about the handbags and shoes?
  7. Will it be online as well?
  8. Same question as Saddie508.

    Will it be online as well?

    There are nothing much left online now.
  9. Yes
  10. they use to do 50% off for the fourth, but that was only 25% this year... on the flyer I received it said no additional markdown on shoes and accessories from what I remember... only 60% off retail.
  11. ^I'll still go to check it out on the 12th, but I guess I won't get my hopes up
  12. Regarding shoes: even though it was only an additional 25% off this year for the 4th of July sale the final discount was still 70% off which is pretty much as good as it gets :smile:. I assume the consolidation sale will be the same 70% discount (think it usually is)
  13. Thanks! brownie
  14. For anyone in Boston there's a special event going on by Stuff magazine and Saks will be open at 8:00am! yay
  15. Consolidation Sale will be the same 70% discount that it usually is