Saks Consolidation Sale

  1. Phew - just ran back from the special event at Boston (stores were open at 8am)

    I ran around a lot! shoes & handbags had no additional % off - everything else was additional 25% off.

    I grabbed some Nanette Lepore beauties, and the couture area had some nice things, but I had to run to work. I might go again during lunch.
  2. Online consolidation's pretty disappointing. July 4th sales were much better deal. Now I'll wait until the Labor Day pre-fall markdowns. Anyone who's goin to the consolidation sale, please report back....:wave:
  3. I went to Huston Galleria yesterday night (not today). They already have bags and shoes displayed with additional 25% mark down. Some Lavin bags, one Fendi tote with draw strings, couple jimmy choo. Shoes wise are ok as well. A lot of Toms wedge. Some prada, miu but nothing exciting. Overall I m kinda disappointed. Probably won't go back today. I doubt they will have something more. I didn't check the clothing tho.
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    NYC is definitely old sale merchandise (no fresh transfers) and the selection seems smaller than in the past. I was in and out quickly emptyhanded. Thankfully I did major damage during the 4th sale so not disappointed
  5. I phoned Atlanta and they have no additional discount on shoes, just 60% off.
  6. I just ran over to the NYC store and they really have nothing great left. I did a quick loop of swimwear (lots but no cover ups) designer shoes and contemporary clothing and walked out empty handed.
  7. No new sale shoes transferred in to Atlanta and no additional discounts on sale shoes:sad:
  8. Not surprising here-they're always "yanking our chains" and saying consolidation...but it rarely happens that way!:thinking:
  9. BH Saks was a madhouse in the AM... they did get a decent sized shipment but it was mostly the same as what was already in stock. Not sure if they're still receiving more shipments from other stores... Clothing was picked over, and only a few bags left. I wish the shoes were marked down further, and now I regret not going on the 4th!
  10. NYC Saks was just left overs from the july 4th sale. Nothing new, definitely not worth it.
  11. I scored a McQueen scarf 60% off. They were 70% off during the July 4th sale.
  12. Which store did you get the McQueen scarf? Which scarf and how much?
  13. Sent you a pm with item number.
  14. Jimmy choo luggage @ Saks $1438 70% off! Pretty! Someone grab this! Contact me for SA
  15. I called the New York store because I was told that a pair of chanel flats that I want are in stock and on sale. The thing is no SA wants to check to see if the shoes are there so they can send them out to me? Does anyone have a good SA? TIA