Rude/catty comments regarding your designer jewelry and watches

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  1. I love, love, love that you said that!

    I get comments all the time based solely on my age. People also tell me I am superficial because I wear luxury items. It makes my blood boil that people assume that if you like good design that you have no substance.
  2. I got one from a colleague at work. "wow look at rock, did you help pay for it?" incredibly rude and right in front of our admin assistant lady whom i was showing my ring too.
  3. I like this thread ! I get comments about bags .... The whole" you could feel poor people with that money" irritates me because we do donate percentage of our earnings every year to charity . What I do with te left per money isn't anyone's business??? Am I to assume these people who make such comments donate ALL of their disposable income to charity ? I think not. I find it strange that people don't see that try are just ring judgmental and immature with these comments !

    Liking luxury goods does not make me materialistic or a bimbo. I'll admit to being a victim to consumerism ... But who isn't lol!

    Is I were to spend the exact same ammount of money I would on a designer purse on several smaller items , no one would say anything .... But I'd much rather have the one big ticket item !

    Bahhhh this topic irritates me because it's a problem and in certain circumstances I don't carry certain bags ...
  4. I Agree completely!
  5. Nope, never had anything like that. I would be astonished if someone were that rude to me.
  6. I don't care what others think. If someone thought my jewelry or bag was fake, so be it. Let them think it. Would I be a lesser person if it were fake? Should it somehow be impressive to others that it isn't fake? I wouldn't be surprised if some thought my engagement ring was a fake yellow diamond. And they'd be right! It's a sapphire, because I love sapphires. I'd have no problem admitting it.

    I did have several people think my breasts were fake though. Now THAT bothered me.
  7. :woohoo::tup:
  8. :biggrin: :roflmfao: OMG same here! Mine are very 'prominent' to quote my GP - so once on a company retreat some of the ladies were discussing various cosmetic things they'd had done and one of them asked me if I had scars from my breast job. I went quite red (because really, even if I had had that done, why would you ask that of a virtual stranger?) and said, ahem, haven't had anything done ever!

    I'm a redhead and with my delicate fair skin, I get scars from vaccinations - not a candidate for any cosmetic surgery, ever, end of story! Not to mention, I'm a wuss and a complete needle-phobe and my GP practically has to chase me around the table to get me to sit still! :P
  9. I got stared at, HARD, by some lady at the Quest last week when I was waiting for bloodwork, who eventually went to ask me who did my nose because it looks so real like I was born with it. I was! I wouldn't choose to have it so non-functioning with such freakishly small nostrils on purpose!
  10. I'm a super pale freckled person, and I scar easily, too. I had to have surgery to remove a suspect freckle near my ear and the scar is scary. Luckily my hair covers it up. Pretty sure plastic surgery would make me look like a crime scene.

    I get a lot of questions about my blue eyes, too. That's bizarre because blue eyes with my coloring would not be unusual. It's amazing what people are willing to say out loud. I try to remember that most people mean well and that anyone can make a stupid comment. I know there are plenty of times I have wanted to shove my foot in my mouth! When ever possible, I try to meet rudeness with graciousness. I'm not always successful. :P
  11. I'm sorry for revitalizing this thread, but I really want to get this off my chest.

    I've been really fortunate all my life to be surrounded by people who don't really judge me for my obsession with jewelry. All of my friends are incredibly supportive, and the only comments I ever get on my jewelry are positive (with the occasional curious person asking about the authenticity/price, which doesn't really bother me since it's educational information). So on my 21st birthday, my mom gave me the Love bracelet my dad bought her when I was born, and I've been wearing it ever since (so it's been 4 years). The only person who has ever given me sh*t about wearing a cartier item is my cousin, who is supposed to be a blood relative who supports me, etc. It's been four years, and every time I see her, she ALWAYS manages to say something condescending to me about wearing something that has extraordinary sentimental value. The other day, my cousin and I ran into each other at the outlets, and it was just the two of us alone, and she unleashed her "real" personality I guess...she literally criticized every aspect of my life. She was talking about how I was lucky to be sucking on a silver spoon, and how she became successful on her own hard work, unlike me, who is supposedly a "daddy's girl." She suggested that the only reason why I got into an ivy league college and grad program was because my family didn't need financial, wtf? So none of the hard work that I put in mattered because my parents made over a certain cut off that the government deemed fit to pay for college without financial aid? And she was all like "yeah, I'm making 150k a year now, and you'll be lucky if you make that much out of grad school." and then she went on to talk about how she was going to buy her parents a masarati with the money she's making. And I'm just standing there, dumbfounded. First of all, she is EIGHT YEARS OLDER THAN ME. That's 8 years of life that she has had under her belt ahead of me to start a career. I don't even understand why she thinks it's ok that she's comparing me to someone who is almost a decade older. Second of all, why are you going to give me **** about wearing a piece of jewelry if you want to buy a masarati when you live in a city where you don't actually need cars? Also, your family doesn't even own a house. You guys literally have been renting an apartment for 17 years, so I don't understand why you would buy a masarati over a house. Ugh it gets me so angry. Their family go on lavish vacations twice a year while they live off unemployment checks...our family hasn't gone on vacation for years because we all WORK and can't find a great time to do it, and when we do go on vacation, it's usually for business trips and stuff. Ugh I'm so mad...I can't believe she has the nerve to judge me when her dad has been living off unemployment checks and going to europe on uncle sam's dollars.
  12. You sound like you have a good head on your shoulders. Ignore the haters, even if they are related.
  13. I catch hell more over purses and shoes because I guess that's more obvious. I have however had ladies at work (teachers) ask me what my husband does that he can afford to buy me so many designer items... It's more than annoying but I usually put them in their place gracefully. When people do notice my new jewelry they just ooh and ahhh. I have however heard around the way that people think I'm a spoiled brat whose older husband lavishes with gifts lol! I just laugh and continue to enjoy my life!
  14. Thanks chessmont...I guess the reason why I'm so upset is because her words did hurt me, because I honestly felt like I could trust her until now. I now feel like she has been putting up a nice front for our parents, but internally actually despises me for reasons that I have no control over. It just sucks because I feel like I've lost a friend, you know?
  15. :hugs: