Rude/catty comments regarding your designer jewelry and watches

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  1. I think we share a cousin! I have one just like yours. It's ok for him to brag but when my family makes any type of major purchase we get :lecture:
  2. The worst comments are the "complements" in a condescending tone. I especially hate wow your husband must be rich or what does he do or how much is that. My answer varies depending on my mood. I have days that I say oh if you only knew the things I had to do. Or I borrow lisa vanderpumps "I deserve it."

    The thing is most of my nice jewelry are family heirlooms. And hubby is a missionary so were definitely not rich. Our parents are doing well but that's not our money.
  3. I am going to collect now so i still don't have experience like you all but ... i started to get interested in well made stuff since i was very young. It started with high end makeup, then clothes/bags/shoes and now i want to collect some classic jewelry.

    But my friends are just interested in other things.. they are all lawyers/etcc..(starters) but they always say...owh 'her lifestyle' 'you like expensive things' 'living large' 'your expensive' 'i don't buy LV/Miumiu/Chanel, you do'

    I dont hear it always because we all live in different country's but they do and it feels like i'm not fitting in.

    I think that they think that im just spending my money on non important stuff and that it makes me superficial. I hear them thinking .... (we are lawyers and we don't even care) I earn good for a starter but i'm not the lawyer like my friend (my job does have the same potentials but its less prominent)

    The funny thing is (regarding girls) that when they can buy it, or when they discover it ....... then its all good!
  4. She doesn't despise you, she's jealous of you and your family. Friends like this you don't need.
  5. thanks for everyone's support...I feel a lot better now that I've cooled off (lol), but I guess from now on I just won't associate with her anymore than necessary
  6. No, you aren't the only one but my problem (as if it's a big one,,,) is that I feel uncomfortable wearing my jewelry out with people, I have moved to Europe and the place I live, well, the people don't really wear diamonds, it is a high income area but the people here basically hord their money, at least most of them do so that's my dilemma, lol
  7. I can't imagine asking anyone if their jewellery is real, that is so rude!
  8. Here's what I think: She's was never your friend. She might be blood, but she's not your friend. Deep down she's envious that your parents don't live off the government and can legitimately do it for yourselves and is likely ashamed of her parents behavior. She might make all this money out of school with her big paying job, but it's all artificial pomp and circumstance, and she knows it. She's likely going to have to buy all of this stuff for her parents, maserati or whatever, because she knows there's nothing there for their future. She's supporting them now and while she's boasting, she's probably deep down pretty ticked off that they have nothing of their own, and she's now their financial support to abuse. You can buy whatever you want because you were raised to do so and have earned it yourself, as have your parents. And she's built up this wall of BS around her, despite the fact that you're family, that she knows she can't climb because she's so worried about what people will think if she admits that defeat. Be proud of your accomplishments, and let her figure out her own childish nonsense for herself.
  9. Thanks Ame for the advice...I guess I've been lucky up until now to not have such poisonous people in my life, but the trade off is that now that I'm faced with someone like her, I don't really know how to handle the situation. The really messed up thing about this entire thing is that my family has never, EVER said anything bad to/about her family and what they do. I remember when my aunt first brought home an H bag and some LV items, she was super proud to have purchased the items from unemployment checks and my cousin's paycheck, and they couldnt even pay their bills/mortgage for that month. and even then, neither of my parents ever said anything. Yes it's terrible that they would take advantage of the welfare system, but at the same time, we didn't have a right to judge. And yet, when my cousin started making money all of a sudden 3 years ago, she totally looks down on my parents because she thinks she's a big shot now...and I honestly wish I could tell her that 150k is a pretty average salary compared to the rest of the neighborhood. And apparently, her family has been badmouthing us to our mutual friends...the audacity! I just really can't believe that such people exist and don't realize how they are hurting those around them!
  10. Just don't engage them, and don't acknowledge them. Their fraud will someday catch up to them.
  11. Ugh, are you kidding? For like 6 months after I got engaged - all over facebook people were so rude about my ring. How my love cost this, or I was going getting married because of the ring.
    I heard my ring cost anywhere from 50k-80k the moment people found out it was tiffanys.
    Surprisingly, the guys were just as nasty as the girls. People who pretended to be my friends before, I say pretending because they judged me very quickly after. So I was actually down about my engagement, and I took down the pictures of my engagement ring. It was still coming up. But I stopped caring, deleted my facebook, made a new one and didn't accept any of those people. It got bad once again when I had my wedding in Paris. But they're all just jealous. So. they can kiss my ***.
  12. Yes Hun jealousy is at an all time high lol. It should be a crime as long as you and your husband loved it that's all that matters. Paris such a beautiful place for a wedding😊
  13. It sort of like over shadowed my engagement.
    I was actually thinking of telling my husband the ring really did cost too much and maybe we should take it back.
    But he didn't take out a loan to pay for it, he was able to pay for it in cash and I wasn't going to make him feel like it was stupid.
    So while they all drive around in 3000 cars and go home to live with their parents, i have 50k on my wedding finger, and they can drown themselves in jealousy.

    Haha, You wouldn't believe all the **** I got for my wedding. "But your family can't go" (Important people made it) "your wedding was so small." "selfish to ask people to go to paris. "

  14. So sorry that these petty jealousies marred what should have been nothing but a joyful occasion. A wedding in Paris sounds incredibly dreamy! Of course it would be small- ALL destination weddings are, unless your last name is Rockefeller and you're paying your guests' way! What matters is that you have your closest loved ones with you and even if that's just your (now) DH, that's perfect! Cultivate some new friends: ones who will be happy for you when you are happy. Your hubby sounds amazing. Enjoy your new life together!!!!
  15. I do not really get that much negative remarks, most of the comments are funny. If they are mean, well, not my problem.

    I like to work out a lot and sometimes people are surprised to see me lift weights while wearing my love bracelet and trinity ring, but most people who are into strength training do not wear the "fancy" jewelry that I wear, so they do not recognize the brand anyway, haha.