Rude/catty comments regarding your designer jewelry and watches


Aug 8, 2011
Hey ladies,

Thought I'd start a thread on this topic as I have seen it in some of the purse sub-forums and am sure some of you have received rude comments regarding your jewelry and watches from time to time.

Over the years I have received several rude comments (mostly from strangers and acquaintances) from the "is that real?" and "who are you trying to impress with that?", to the lecture on how I "could feed a third world country" with my jewelry piece.

Do any of you have any stories to share?


Nov 14, 2012
Florida, USA
Of course!

My ex-husband's girlfriend is always posting online about how I should "learn to live within my means" every time my ex mentions to her one of my new jewelry pieces, or when she sees something that I post online. Personally, I don't find it to be any of her business, especially when my bills are paid and my son is quite spoiled. For every credit card/account I pay off post-divorce, I allow myself one piece of jewelry under $1,000 that I am not allowed to pay for using credit; I must save up for it. I think that's perfectly fair, considering that I sold all of my jewelry from my failed marriage to care for myself and my son when my cheating ex left. (Besides... his girlfriend can't talk... she has both a boyfriend AND a husband to buy her presents! *rolls eyes*) I find it funny that when I purchased my Tiffany DBTY earrings and Bean, she ran out to purchase a Cartier pink gold & tourmaline pendant. Jealous!

Aside from that... I've heard: "Is that real?" "Don't you feel guilty wearing that?" "Aren't you afraid someone will steal it?" "Aren't you afraid to lose it?" "Think of what you could have done with that money" ...etc.
Nov 30, 2008
Under a Palm Tree
No stories luckily on jewelry, just bags and shoes in the past. I usually tell them in a polite but firm tone (with gritted teeth through a fake smile) to mind their own business. I make my own money, I work for what I want and I'll buy what I want!

I'm sure the people that make these comments are not wearing rags, living in tents and driving 20 year old cars themselves (assuming) so it's likely just jealousy. Ignore them and remove all toxic people from your life! :balloon:


Apr 16, 2011
I get this more for my bags than my jewellery from friends/colleagues as I deliberately don't wear my most expensive jewellery day to day as I commute to work in London.

I don't talk about my bag or jewellery purchases anymore to anyone apart from my best friend as I don't want to invite criticism and none of my family/friends, bar my best friend, buy designer stuff/high-end jewellery. Another friend is always calling me a shopaholic and criticising the amount of money she thinks I spend on things (even though I normally buy on sale or secondhand in like new condition) and this is someone who spent £1500 (over $2000) on a Chanel bag last year and has worn a Rolex since she was a teenager. People can be very hypocritical! I know my mother-in-law thinks I am really extravagant. She always asks the price of something when she admires it and even though I always shave a big chunk off what I paid when I tell her, she is still horrified and rude with it. I just lie now and say I got something secondhand even if that's not the case, or that I managed to get a big discount.

Even DH can give me stick for buying jewellery - I'm currently waiting to pick up my Cartier Love ring in rose gold when I travel through Heathrow next week which has been pre-ordered and paid for and when I mentioned it he asked why I need "yet another ring" and that I should try to save the money instead. So I asked him why he needs several lenses for his camera (he is really into photography and is always buying bits and pieces on Ebay which he then hardly uses) or multiple games consoles... they are hobbies of his so he likes to spend his spare cash on them in the same way that I like to spend my spare cash on sparkly things, bags and books :P


Jan 5, 2013
I don't really get comments like that as im just starting to build my jewelry collection but I'll say this: can you say jealous???? Not your problem sweetie it's theirs.


Feb 19, 2012
I don't mind people asking how much a piece costs and any sort of question really. It's only when they start judging me that I get annoyed (implying I'm a materialistic bimbo.etc).

It's quite hypocritical because there are many items that they'd have shelled out for (cars, digital stuff.etc) which personally I'd rarely splash out on. We each use our money in different ways and I don't go around judging the boys who buy a huge flat screen for their dorm to play games on!


Feb 5, 2009
Anyone that would ask such a think deserves a look of "I can't believe you just said that/asked that" if in person or a huge uncomfortable silence if over the phone. That is an aggressive person who would say such a thing as to ask why you would spend x amount of dollars or to insinuate that you don't give to charity already. A person like that doesn't warrant any response other than the silence that speaks volumes.

Sorry to hear that some of you have to deal with such rude and offensive people.


Jan 12, 2006
Am I the only one that hasn't heard negative or catty remarks about my things? :-s
No one has commented negatively on any of my bags or my jewelery . . .


Nov 21, 2012
i was at a wedding last month and a not very close friend sitting on the same table as us, suddenly interupted my conversation with another woman i just met and said " let me look at your tiffany ring since you are flashing it around"

i was shocked cos that's my e-ring from my DH and i certainly wasn't flashing it around and didn't mention it to her or anyone at that table it was from tiffany's. no one was talking about jewellery or luxury items.

the woman i just met joked" do i have to get her drunk 1st for her to show you?"

after that, i was very conscious and tried to keep my hand underneath the table for fear, the same comment will pop up again.

p/s i don't get it badly from bags cos i try to choose more discreet designs but my e-ring is a gift from my DH.
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Jul 11, 2012
I've never had any comments directly towards me but they are certain instances where I was made to feel uncomfortable by my jewelry and/or bag by non-verbal cues. I tend to just disregard them. It is so rude for anyone to say something about someone's personal belongings. Maybe people haven't said anything to me directly because they know I don't put up with that bull****? Who knows.


Mar 22, 2007
I do, frequently. A few are from people I thought were friends, and clearly are not. Others are from people I went to high school with and who I have the misfortune of still living in the same general vicinity of who can't get past life from 20 years ago, and think I am still the same loser nerd from back then. They don't care that I have worked my butt off, that I might not be the person they think I was or wish I was....screw em. I don't wear my rings a lot, really any jewelry a lot. But it is all mine. And it's all real.


Sep 25, 2010
My best friend since childhood makes comments and remarks all the time regarding my ering and wedding set. When I got engaged, the first thing she asked was if my DH got my ering at a wholesale price. Then when she found out that it was from HW, she asked why didn't he get it from the jewelry district because it will cost less...and when she inquired about the carat weight, she said it was too much (this is coming from someone who requested that her BF at the time to propose with at least a 2ct. diamond). Funny thing is, when my friend asked him when they will get married, the guy told her when he made his first million. :lol: He never ended up proposing and she's still single. Hm...I wonder why? A few weeks ago, she told me that my wedding set did not look right and had a disgusted look on her face. She said that I have a gap between my ering and bands...and that my ering looks like it doesn't fit (falling off of my finger). I just simply replied that I love it this way and that shut her up. :P

Whatever happened to if you don't have something nice (constructive) to say, then you should just not say anything?


May 27, 2010
Trapped under my shoes
I do get snide comments, but I can't pinpoint a specific comment about a specific piece of jewelry. Most people don't know what Balenciaga or Brian Atwood are, so they sure as heck wouldn't be able to identify that I'm wearing designer brands, for example. It's more a general attitude of colleagues thinking I'm too much - too accessorized, too many bags, too many different outfits, too much done hair, too many nail polishes, whatever. Most people are genuinely complimentary and just want to know the brand or where I got it. But always, there are going to haters. *shrug* Haters gonna hate.


May 12, 2012
People have way too many opinions and give them away so freely! What gives?. Funny I never even ask.
I rarely have friends comment negatively on my bags, shoes or even jewelry but family (extended) that's another story.
My answer is well I work for it so I deserve it. Ofcourse with a smile & side eyes :rolls eyes:

All I can say is that it's pure jealousy :smile:

Hi hater! :waves hand: