Rude/catty comments regarding your designer jewelry and watches

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  1. LVoeletters, no they couldn't prevent me from walking away, I walked away of course once I found out what they were trying to copy my bracelets; however, I was upset bc she is my friend if I told her no she could not borrow my bracelet then she should understand, instead she was trapping me into having me come pick her up and tried to copy my bracelet. That really made me upset and re considered this whole friendship again
  2. oh I see you thought they were originally taking pictures because they enjoyed your jewelry. That's really low and shady off her to TRICK you into coming the store like that. I don't think she's a friend of yours. I'm sorry your kindness was completely taken advantage of!

  3. She is no friend of yours. I think it's time to be civil but distant with this woman.

    I told my husband your story and he agrees that what your "friend" did was a HUGE violation of your trust, and it was wrong of her to lure you to the store under false pretenses.
  4. I would write an anonymous negative review about that store on yelp or google or whatever has the most visibility for that store in your area. One detailed objective review on one site. I might also report the incident to Cartier if someone there might care - not that that would accomplish anything but it's information.

    The bolded is intimidation. Red flag.
  5. LVoeletters and k*d, I was extremely upset that I had to vent with my husband about it. I usually don't say bad things about her with my husband because He doesn't like her or her husband for other things they did to me such as asking me to watch their house and water their plants while they were on vacation and told me that they would treated me to dinner, they did and made me split my portion, so my husband advised against me about being friend with her but being stubborn me, I didn't listen, now I know better. So when I told him about this, his reaction was not very empathetic nor understanding, it's more like you did it to yourself kinda reaction which made me even more upset for being naive

    Jesssh, I have thought about calling cartier to report them too but I not know if that would matter to Cartier anyway
  6. A friend of mine is a very competitive person. He often wants to outdo others whenever he could and likes to compare what others have against what he has. I was married for many years and one day, out of the blue, he asked me the size of the stone on my e-ring. Well, three weeks later, he got his fiancé (now wife) a diamond that's 0.05c bigger than mine. I was happy for them until at the end of the engagement dinner, he asked me again how big my stone was (he just asked me that three weeks ago), I told him the size of my diamond and he said "You know ha, my fiancé's diamond is BIGGER than yours????" I was pissed. He then went on for months about how much he paid for the ring, his biggest purchase ever and how many people has asked his fiancé if it was a Tiffany ring. FYI, the ring was a fake Tiffany ring, and he paid a tad over $2K for it.
    So fast forward 2 years, my hubby and I celebrated our big anniversary and he surprised me with my dream ring which is a beautiful Tiffany ring. I have been wanting the Tiffany ring even way before my friend started dating his now wife. My hubby got me a very nice stone and it is more than double the carat weight of the ring of my friend's wife. I didn't even show my new ring to my friend until another friend mentioned it when our large group went out for dinner. Both my friend and his wife were shocked!!! He quickly asked my hubby about the size of the stone, the price of the ring and HOW HE PAID FOR IT like if my hubby used his Amex in front of everyone! I was livid. Both of them did not even compliment me while my other friends did. His wife then said "You know, Tiffany does not sell nice diamonds, they are only famous for their semi precious stones."
  7. Cartier story: This is making you unwillingly an accessory to fraud and intellectual property theft. I would report it to my Cartier boutique manager immediately. What are you getting out of this "friendship"?

    Tiffany story: That is weird. I don't understand competitiveness like that for stones. I'd just look down at my hand and be thrilled with my dream ring. Ignore the haters!

    But why are both of you still friends with these people?
  8. The couple had made too many rude commends, the Tiffany story is just one of them. I am no longer friends with them. We still see each other a few times a year as we are part of a larger group of friends but I no make an attempt to touch base with them outside of the group gatherings, just say hi and bye, that's all.
  9. Oh, that's good. They sound like not very nice people to have as friends.
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    I don't usually get rude comments about my e-ring... they're usually very admiring!! A few DO ask specifically about carat size but I don't mind that (it's 1.5ct- I just have a small size 4 finger!). I DO frequently get asked what my FI does for work though. There are lots of raised eyebrows when I tell them that he's still a student. But he didn't have to take out a loan, still has lots in savings and NO I didn't choose it (which is usually what they ask)... as though I MADE him buy something super expensive!

    I just tell them I had no idea he was going to propose and that he did a good job choosing :smile:

    I think a lot of this depends on where you are and what people are accustomed to seeing. My ring raises no eyebrows in my circle of friends- we all have center stones >1ct, most commonly 1.5ct. However, the 'norm' I suppose is probably a bit less around Sydney... Honestly, I think some of my friends have e-rings that look even larger... because their fingers are even smaller than mine!

    As for bags... I prefer to throw around my Longchamp totes lol. So I'm not too flashy there... but no, I haven't had comments when I've carried LV or other designer bags or wallets :smile:
  11. You are bright, generous and kind.
    I can't imagine that you were ever a loser need but even if you were I would have been your friend :smile:
  12. I've received inquires about carat size...,
    A few years ago while dining at nice restaurant in Vail, my husband and I noticed that another couple was staring at my ring. I was fairly dressed up ( VCA 20 motif, large frivole earrings, birkin). I overheard the husband whisper, "not real". Since I was fairly certain that he was not referring to my breasts I smiled and said, "it's Cartier".
    Hilarious. The guy and his wife could not stop apologizing.
    Still... How rude?
  13. AnHa, I'm so sorry you had to go through that! It is amazing how brazen she was! If I were you, I would tell Cartier about their little shenanigans, as they are clearly breaking copyright laws.

    I've been getting in some hot water with a "friend" over my jewelry collection as well. My friend noticed some of my nice jewelry and asked to borrow some items (a few thin gold bands), which I lent her for a short period of time. Now, she is not giving them back, and jokes around about how she wants to steal my Cartier bracelet, which honestly makes me feel very uncomfortable...I've got to find some way to get back my things and cut off relations with her.
  14. Call her today and tell her that you are on your way to pick up your gold bands....
  15. Ugh, I would punch her in the face, Tiffany's doesn't sell nice diamonds? Only jealous people say that.

    Congrats on your ring though, don't let her ruin it.