Rose Gold Wedding Ring/Engagement Ring

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  1. Link?
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  3. That one is a nice diamond but it's not a hearts & arrows. Do you have a hard budget?

    Check out the sparkle on this one, also J/VS, very close in size:

    Here's one on JA, you'd need to ask them to confirm it is eye clean though first since it's SI:
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  4. Hi Op you're too funny. Would never do that to anyone much less a TPF friend.

    While I agree this isn't a hearts and arrows diamond, you need to be happy with your gem -- be so happy each time you look at it :smile:

    If you are after size (carat weight) against a budget then we can be real as to what to recommend. I think this gem is severely underpriced but I would not go for it. I can already see it won't sparkle enough and being over 2 carats, the color and flaws are more noticeable.

    Keep looking I'd say! There is a gem out there for you! Don't rush!!
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  5. The colors and flaws show up because you're looking at a huge magnification. FWIW, my diamond shown above is a J/SI1 and 2.15 ct. It's fully eye clean and you can see how white it looks. I would contact the customer service at JA or WF and say you're looking for a H&A RB and tell them your budget and preferred size and they can notify you when one comes in with those specs. That's how we got mine.
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  6. ^It's up to OP if that is what she wants. We all have different priorities.

    For me, this gem isn't singing out to me - it might be eye clean (but can't tell from here) but I can see some spots and haze magnified that would just bother me because it isn't mind clean. Again that is just me.

    If OP is happy then I am happy :smile: That being said I think this is not bad but there's more out there...
  7. Those are a little out of our range. Hoping to get the setting and the diamond for about $14k. That is why I was so happy when the one I found was a 2 on the HCA.
  8. Good idea!
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  10. This one looks promising. I would ask someone who works there to look at it in person and ask how its performance compares to a H&A and if it would be close to making the cut. Many articles say to use the HCA as a rejection tool not a selection tool.
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  11. Thanks!
  12. I prefer this one over the first one too. It appears more eye clean, but agree that you need to check performance against a super ideal.

    Have you tried rare carat? I am not recommending it as I've not tried it but I've seen it around a lot on my ads (as DH and I are buying earrings) -- thought it might be a possibile source in case.
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  13. I will check it out!
  14. Just want to encourage you not to rule out a diamond that may have spots in the 100x magnification video--it could be perfectly eye clean! If you care about "mind clean" like poster above then it is not for you, and that is fine, but if not, you may find a beautiful eye clean H&A diamond that shows spots/lines in the magnification. Ask the customer service to confirm for you first.
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  15. Your first diamond is possibly a great value for the size. I notice the brown tint but that is preferable to the yellow tint of your second choice. The 2 HCA score just means it is worth considering. I noticed both stones have strong fluorescence...they will perform quite differently in sunlight, possibly looking whiter but also possibly looking cloudy, misty. This is the problem with buying online. In a store you could look at the stones side by side in varying light situations. I would never buy an important stone online but good luck to you.
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