Rose Gold Wedding Ring/Engagement Ring

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  1. So long story short, I deserve an upgrade! :smile:

    Right now I am wearing a white gold, bezel set diamond ring. The diamond is about a .80. It is low profile and modern, but want to make a drastic change.

    I am someone that likes things that are a little bit different and not something everyone has. So I am wondering what y'all think about rose gold. Would love a simple solitaire set in rose gold, or something with a little bit of pave.

    For specs: looking for at ~2carats (round), I or better color VS1 or better clarity.

    Would love to hear your thoughts!
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  2. I love rose gold and I think it's here to stay. I am actually looking for a rose gold engagement ring and wedding band because rose gold is what I usually wear so it makes sense. I haven't really found anything I liked but the ring you posted is beautiful. I like it!
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  3. Thanks! I really like this "tulip" setting from James Allen. It is unique, but classic, so I like the twist of doing rose gold with it!
  4. I think it's beautiful! Tip on the diamond specs--no need for a VS1. Just look for an eye clean SI1. I have a perfectly eye clean SI1, looks gorgeous, and was able to go bigger on the size by not paying for higher clarity that you can't see without a microscope anyway. Look for best cut and HCA score, that is what is truly going to get you the best-looking diamond.
  5. Another rose gold fan here. White metals just don't look on my skin tone, so I love the warmth of rose gold. I'm glad it's regaining popularity (along with micro pave and colored stones), so I could get my dream bridal set.
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  6. I got married in 2012, and my set is rose gold. I wouldn't have it any other way. :smile:

    Actually, the vast majority of my jewelry is rose gold. It's just my favourite tone.
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  7. IMG_6895.JPG

    Another rose gold lover here and I thought I'd share my ring. Here is my rose gold engagement ring. I have a matching Tiffany wedding ring as well. It is not the best photo but took it angled (side) to show the rose gold as taking a pic bird's eye view won't show any gold since there are diamonds on both sides.

    Hope you can share what you end up choosing. Honestly, I also find solitaire rose gold rings just so beautiful and classy!
  8. Thanks! What is the HCA score? Should I go better on color if I go less on clarity?
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  9. Beautiful!
  10. SOOOO pretty! Love your ring! I will definitely post what I end up getting!
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  11. no need to go better on color if you have the best cut! The best cut returns the most light and makes the diamond face up sparkly bright white!

    Here's an article from whiteflash on HCA--it says the tool is marginal now with the advent of hearts & arrows cut diamonds but it provides good background on how important cut is.
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  12. Great information! Not sure I totally understand, but will read over again. There is so much to know about diamonds!
  13. HI!
    Can you give me the specs on your diamond? No worries if you would rather not, but it is just so beautiful - I would love to know more!
  14. So the shortcut around HCA score is to get whatever the hearts and arrows cut is from where you are buying. At whiteflash it is called A Cut Above/Ideal cut diamond, but other stores have their own names for it. Basically this means its the best possible cut you can get in a RB diamond with maximum light return. I got one of those from WhiteFlash and pics are below. Let me share with you the specs--it is an eye clean SI1 (ask whoever is helping you to confirm diamond is eye clean) and a J color! I have had people ask me if it is a colorless diamond. So my advice is to pay for the best cut and you can then save a ton of money or get a much bigger diamond by going lower on color. In fact the diamonds in my eternity band are H/I yet the J in my solitaire looks whiter! IMG_5575.JPG IMG_5576.JPG
  15. Wow! Beautiful! I have been shopping on James Allen, so I think their best cut is "true hearts".