Rose Gold Wedding Ring/Engagement Ring

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  1. Your set looks so similar to my own....would love to know the rest of the stats!
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  2. Completely agree. My new diamond earrings I just posted in another thread are Js and they show up bright white with the ideal cut.
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  3. Thank you for your kind words! I'm not sur which set so I'll give stats on both.

    The OEC is an uncerted stone estimated at M/N and size 1.58ct and about 7.35mm

    The modern stone is a K VS2 1.65ct Brian Gavin Blue and 7.6mm
  4. For those that want to see: here is my upgrade!

    VVS2, J color, 1.8 carats, hearts and arrows. So in love!

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  5. Great choice--beautiful!
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  6. Beautiful choice! It's a wonderful size and presence! (And you have such lovely, slender fingers too! So jelly!)
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