Rose Gold Wedding Ring/Engagement Ring

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  1. Yup that's it!
    I've read about how Cartier won't sell lower than an H diamond I believe and I just think that's another way for them to overcharge people who don't know better. The cut is more important than the color on a RB!
  2. I don't have the exact specs handy but i think it is just under 2 carats, VS1 and F color

    It is round brilliant hearts and arrows diamond. so as the others have mentioned here a diamond that is 'perfectly' cut filters light so well that it looks larger than it actually is! I often get asked if it is 2.5 carats!

    We actually got to compare this diamond to an E color diamond that is slightly bigger in size but our diamond looked much bigger and scored much higher in the HCA (and because it was slightly under 2 carats (1.95 probably?) --- it didn't boost the price over the 2carat mark.

    I highly recommend perfectly cut diamonds in the under-carat mark to avoid the price jump! (1.9 plus, 2.9 plus, 3.9 plus, etc)

    Hope this helps :smile:
  3. Love this! Will have to do more research. Love the idea of getting a good cut that really shows up nicely. Do you happen to know what the table percentage is (vs. depth)? Maybe that is helping it look bigger too?
  4. ^yes it definitely does but I don't remember the specs of mine - my DH has all our paperwork. You can go by HCA though. Pricescope website has the HCA tool and resources.

    My best and easiest suggestion is to go to premium diamonds (ideal scope) meant for hearts and arrows cuts, listed them below for you:

    - black by Brian Gavin
    - high performance diamonds (hpd)
    - white flash a cut above
    - crafted by infinity

    Then find jewelers in your area that carry any of those diamonds so you can set an appointment and see one for yourself. Once there, see one next to a hgihly graded non-ideal diamond so you can compare. (This is all no cost to you)

    Once you have decided whether the eye clean ideal diamonds are for you (and I'm sure you will), you can begin your search for the right diamond you want.

    It's easier to see the difference in person rather than listen to opinions or read up on this... :smile: The setting is easy the gem is what will make you really happy :smile:
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  5. Totally agree - I can change the setting anytime, but want this to be my forever diamond!
  6. Any hearts and arrows diamond will be within the ideal table %/depth ratio so you don't need to concern yourself with looking at all those numbers. Hephehippo is right with her list of hearts and arrows diamonds, there is also the branded Hearts on Fire and the James Allen True Hearts as you mentioned. Just a note, when you look at brick & mortar jewelers there is probably going to be a bigger mark up on the diamonds than if you buy from one of the reputable online sites. No harm in looking there, but definitely price compare with the same specs online. My DH got my setting from a local jeweler but bought my diamond online from whiteflash. We just had to pay a setting fee to have the local jeweler put the diamond in.
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  7. Good advice. Have you heard good things about James Allen? Why didn't you end up choosing them?
  8. I believe James Allen has a good reputation. We went with whiteflash because we had already started engaging with their online customer service and they were super helpful and found us a diamond in our specs in DH's budget. They also have their own really good rep so we felt comfortable using them. They are currently working on a diamond stud earring upgrade for me as we speak. :smile: A cut above diamonds are being used, of course :smile:
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  9. To add:

    I agree with @MyAwesomeFinds - When I mentioned going to a store to view ideal cut diamonds (heart and arrows) it is just for that reason - to see them in person.

    Your best bet is to buy a loose diamond online from the ones I previously listed and those I missed (hearts on fire, etc). You will get a good price (no brick and mortar markup and marketing knickknacks), pay no tax, and have a return window in case you don't like the diamond in the flesh. It's really low risk if you ask me.

    You can then go to any local jeweler to have them set your diamond for you on a setting/design of your choice. Find a reputable one of course :smile:

    Good luck OP!
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  10. Great information and advice! Thanks!
  11. I recently upgraded (my post is linked below) and my advice is to join the rocky talk forum on pricescope. They are a tremendous help. You can post the specs for the stones you are considering for opinions and request suggestions. They are very knowledgable and will help you make a more informed decision. They do tend to push particular vendors who sell AGS Super Ideals, but if you prefer GIA graded stones (many do), they will advise you on those as well. Diamonds graded by any lab other than GIA or AGS should be avoided at all cost. GIA and AGS will not grade clarity enhanced/treated diamonds and offer the most stringent grading. Good luck finding your perfect forever diamond!
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  12. So helpful! Thanks!
  14. ^whoops thanks @Gourmetgal you got exactly what I meant. Was typing my thoughts quickly but think the message came across

    My DH focused on the specs and I focused on how it glimmered in my eye. Indeed not filtering light. I meant to say how it allows light to pass to reflect the most light I guess.

    And yes what I meant is our gem fared better under HCA than the non super ideal diamond of about the same specs.

    Thanks for clarifying!
  15. I think I just found a diamond that is perfect!
    2.16 carats
    J color
    Excellent cut
    Scored 2 on the HCA

    It has a slightly warm brown tint to it from the video of it and I think would be so pretty in rose gold! I also found a pave setting with a low profile tulip style crown.

    Any opinions?
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