Rolex owners: What do you have?

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  1. Thank you so much! Yes, you’re right. It’s 36mm but yellow gold, not rose gold. :smile:
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  2. 22D29C1D-E263-4141-B8E0-6321D7377644.jpeg Recently received these two vintage rolex, they are on the smaller side of what I like, but they are gifts from hubby so I am keeping them.

    18k gold and 14k and silver two tone. Both are 26mm circa 1970s.
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  3. Hi guys ! I made a three about this , but I’m sooooo town now between my last two options , thought I’d ask here . I have a Rolex date just 36 in yellow gold .jubillee bracelet It’s being serviced right now .

    I’m changing the dial and can’t decide between slack with diamonds or silver with diamonds . Would love any advise ! (The black

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  4. Oh gosh I see your dilemma! The black is quite a contrast and makes the diamonds pop. But the silver is very elegant. I think I would go for the black. Would look gorgeous with the black and gold VCA alhambra ❤❤❤
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  5. Thanks so much for input:smile: i did order the black but then started second guessing myself..... the silver is more elegant and will go with everything. i guess both would be a good choice :smile:
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  6. White would be a nice clean look.
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  7. I like the silver, of your choices
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  8. Id love all your opinions as now going through hundreds of pages, you guys know everything!

    I am looking at purchasing my first Rolex and actually would prefer to buy it consignment.
    Do you feel like most watches, with a good cleaning at Rolex would turn out quite nice, or do you believe for a little more its more important to buy new? I honestly just am looking for something classic, either silver, or two-tone gold and silver, and a simple face.

    I love the idea of giving a pre-loved watch a new life but wanted some opinions if anyone has done this and what their experience has been!

    Thanks :heart:
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  9. Both are beautiful. I bought DJ36 with black dial and diamonds. Pops
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  10. Bought this exact watch in London
  11. 709A8EB0-4638-452B-A14E-5990280E570D.jpeg Lunch time!
  12. Beautiful Yatch Master. Is it 37mm ? and newest collection ?
  13. It’s 37mm
  14. I currently own a 1973 SS 26mm Date and a 2005 TT 36mm Date Just.

    -I’d like to own a pre-loved 36mm gold Day Date but am not sure how to have a conversation with my local Fink’s (they are a certified Rolex dealer but I do not know if they sell refurbished Rolex) about trading in my current Rolexes to buy a used Day Date thru them.
    - which would you prefer on a gold DD dial: stick markers or diamond markers?
    - my current TT 36mm DJ sparkles - the metals really catch the light - do you know if that would be the case with a solid gold DD?

    Thank you!

    2999645C-D2B8-4D0C-8B9F-5E187F237CB3.png 76C2F5A3-8B36-452D-960F-D8DE79ADBFFA.jpeg 76C2F5A3-8B36-452D-960F-D8DE79ADBFFA.jpeg 2999645C-D2B8-4D0C-8B9F-5E187F237CB3.png