Rolex owners: What do you have?

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  1. I'm going to buy myself a Rolex watch with part of this year's bonus (I know - planning way far in advance - but I have had this in mind for quite a while now.) Anyway I am trying to scope out the options for women. I am thinking of the Lady-Datejust. I need something I can wear on an everyday basis - it doesn't have to be dressy enough to go black tie or anything, but something that looks good with casual or business attire.

    So what do you have? Pics welcome :nuts:
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  2. I have a gold and stainless stell ladies datejust with blue diamond face and diamond bezel> I will post pics ASAP. I wear mine everyday and even to the gym
  3. I have a I really want a Cartier!!!
    Michelles Camp La Jolla 069.jpg
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  4. I have the new style stainless steel datejust 31mm with the rose roman numeral dial and jubilee bracelet. It's the newest model with the solid bracelet, much heavier than the older ones, and the case of the watch is polished instead of matte.....and it has the invisible clasp bracelet, I love it and the couple of new details just seem to make it a little prettier and more fem.
    0207070756.jpg 0207070758.jpg
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  5. sorry it took so long, but here are pics of my rolex, one close is a close up and one a reg. distance
    IMG_2827.jpg IMG_2829.jpg
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  6. GORGEOUS pics, all of you!
  7. A Rolex is a great choice~ so many gorgeous combinations to choose from! I have a Datejust Oyster. White Gold & Stainless steel, slate blue face with diamond number markings. I love it now as much as the first day I got it! And boy, has it taken a beating or 2 & it still looks new~

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  8. I have a silver/gold Ladies datejust with a blue face.

    I also have a stainless Air King with a black face. Not too many people have it. It is a mid-sized watch. Larger than a lady's, smaller then the men's. I LOVE IT!! It looks chunky and trendy and you can definitely wear it for everyday. Jennifer Aniston has one also. I've seen many pics of her wearing it and she wore it for the move Picture Perfect. I will try to find a pic. BTW, I had mine before she did!! LOL
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  9. I'm gonna have to check that one out! I'm itching for a 2nd one~
  10. I :heart: eveyone's Rolex. I have the new stainless steel datejust with the Diamond dial and jubilee bracelet. 2006 model with the invisible clasp bracelet. My next Rolex will be a Mid-Size (34 MM) Oyster band possible Two Tone. Sorry for the pic quality its from my cell phone. My Husband has the same DJ but with a Diamond Bezel, He is the ROLEX FREAK :nuts: Im getting him the Sub for his birthday. (pics of his and hers)
    Latas Rolex.jpg Fred Rolex.jpg
  11. I'm not sure they make the air king anymore but mine is the 31 mm which is the size between the womens and mens so it sounds similar in size the the air king described above, it's the datejust in rolesor 31 mm.....have you checked out the website??
  12. They aren't on the website but there are a few jeweler's on Ebay that have Air King's listed. My watch is the regular 29mm women's size but I do love the 31mm size for something different. I'm playing around with what to get next. I'll know when I see it calling my name:P
  13. My beau owns a jewelry store and he has sold pre-owned Rolex watches for years. It's nice because not only does he refinish mine when it gets a little tired, but I can play with dials, bands and bezels at a whim.

    Right now I am wearing a Ladies two-tone datejust, jubilee band, old style factory white and gold Roman face and a 1.10 ct diamond bead set bezel. However, I have also had him put an Italian aftermarket oyster band on it at times, and I had a channel set bezel before. I've also had a white MOP and diamond dial, a black MOP and gold Roman dial before this white one.

    I have just gotten to the point where I need glasses to read, but not all of the time so the gold hands on the gold faces are impossible for me to see. This white dial and bead set bezel I currently have are my favorites - I can actually see the hands and the date! However, I did have him send the original champagne colored datewheel back to Rolex and exchange it for a white one - gives a much cleaner look with the white dial, or any dial for that matter, IMO.

    The oyster band is really sporty - I do like it, but think I prefer it on an all "silver" watch. Right now I am having him look for an all stainless Ladies datejust with an oyster band which I intend to "trick out" for a dress watch - will have him high polish the band, add a bead set diamond bezel and maybe a silver string dial or even a diamond pave dial.

    I've had several Rolexes and you can wear them anywhere! I even wore mine in the pool. Just remember to have it cleaned, oiled and adjusted every two or three years (when it starts losing time) and it will last you forever!

    Have fun!
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  14. I wear an Omega but my mum has worn a gold Rolex datejust with diamonds for the past 14 years and it still looks new, she even wears it in the bath. Personally I like the one that is advertised as the 'men's watch women prefer' it's like a midsize and chunky, it's gorgeous with a black mither of pearl face
  15. Can I ask how much a Rolex costs approx? How much did you have to pay for your Rolex'es?

    I would love to own a simple stainless steel datejust sometime, preferably with diamonds instead of numbers on the dial :yes: