Rolex owners: What do you have?

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  1. Thank you! The picture is a 31 mm steel and yellow gold with a silver face :smile:
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  2. Hi am3070 yours is beautiful too, but I was looking for specs on Yoda143's watch
  3. Love the dark gray. The diamonds are great with it and the fluted bezel and ouster bracelet are also fine together.
  4. Yes, Yes, Yes!!! I like this one so much better than a dark face. This is perfect! (for me LOL, I hope for you!). Whether RG or YG it's nice.
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  5. thank you! phew needed to hear that
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  6. I sold my 31 mm after 8 months on my wrist. Don’t get me wrong, it was the most comfortable watch I have ever had and it was really pretty. But took me around 2 months to realise I found it tad too small. I am now on my way to getting a 36 which has more wrist presence.

    P.S. my wrist is small - 5.75” and to me the 31 looked small.
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  7. Time changes things, doesn't it? - when I got my first 31s in the 1990s, they seemed big. Now I recently got a 31 YG President to wear for dressy, cuz it looks small to me. You should see how the 26 looks on me (I have one from years ago)! Teeny tiny!
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  8. Perfect combination! Love the MOP
  9. Hi there. I'm looking into getting my first Rolex. Can anybody suggest an entry level for Rolex? Thanks :heart: lovely watches
  10. My 36mm datejust everose & steel with pink dial

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  12. Buy the best you can afford at this point in time so you will not regret the purchase. One can never go wrong with a Datejust, size really depends on your preference, 31mm will always be a classic size, it has been around for a long time now.
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  13. perfect advice!
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  14. The 28mm looks so fantastic on your wrist ! It´s a perfect combo between color, size, bracelet etc. I would go for this one. :smile: