Revolve Clothing Codes/Coupon/Deals

  1. I have tried all the codes that were listed here and at reeseycakes, but nothing is working. Anyone happen to have a valid code for a discount?

    Thanks so much!
  2. hey isn't that really funny!! we both posted revolveclothing coupon codes at the exact same time. well, great minds think alike!!!

    oh and i was trying out the reesycake codes and jessicastyle works for 10% off but I'm holding out for something higher. You and I both know that they always have those 20%, 25% codes frequently!!!
  3. LOL...too funny! I may just try jessicastyle, I am only purchasing one thing and it's not too expensive so hopefully it'll work!
  4. what is reeseycakes?
  5. lists all discount codes. check it out.
  6. Thanks, BabyK
  7. i used JT for 15% last night
  8. if you sign up using a new email address, they'll send you a one time code for 30% off on your first purchase. if they don't send you, just email them and ask for it.
  9. Hi! They will match coupon codes if you find one from a similar store. Hope this helps.
  10. I really wish I had known about the 30% off when I first started shopping there. I signed up with a different email address and when I tried to use the code they sent me, I got an error message. Maybe it would have worked if I had the order sent to another address?
  11. hmmm...i signed up for the first time with them today and got an email, but no coupon code... :sad: bummer
  12. This week's DC has a new Revolve Clothing code good for 25% off, which is a pretty good discount for those who are too lazy to get them to match competitor coupons floating around :graucho:.

    Enter promotion code DCREVOLVEH07 at checkout.

    *Deal excludes True Religion, Seven, Citizens, Paige, Nudie, Botkier, Kooba, and Joe’s.
  13. THANK YOU!!!! I've sent them like three emails to match codes over the last three days, but they haven't responded! :girlsigh:
  14. luvinmybags- definitely give them a call. I ordered something over the weekend and sent a f/u e-mail. I called on Monday since I figured it might be kind of hectic and they refunded me the difference right away.

    love revolve!