Revolve Clothing Codes/Coupon/Deals

  1. thanks
  2. Revolve is the best! I heart them.

    As an aside, from what I've read around here I think it's best to use codes if you plan to buy sale items and best to pursue a coupon match if you buy regularly-priced items (with the exception of items on the exclusion list) since anything over 40% off is considered clearance and they "use their discretion" when matching competitor discounts on sale items that bring the total discount to over 40% off.
  3. any codes that work on true religion?
  4. I was about to buy this rebecca taylor dress last night, but I found that I was not registered there, so I just slept.

    And I checked out the website to buy the dress, and it was 50% off, which was 40 % off last night. And now I used the coupon that lithiumpearl posted, and got 25% off from the 50% off price !!!!!!!

    Thank you so much lithiumpearl!!

    And one thing, I sent the email to Net-a-porter saying that I know that they were having private sale, and she sent me back that they are gonna open to public on wednesday. And I put all the things that I want to the shopping bag, and the total was $3000 something, it just went up to $3500. They changed prices for two of Hanii Y dresses. They are definitely getting ready for sale...............So shady.....
  5. not sure if it's still active but try


    if not then JT or HONEST2 for 15%
  6. I love RC too. I have ordered so much from them.. and if possible alwayst ry to order from them unless theyre out of stock or just don't carry the item. The free shipping and free return shipping are just great. Also they always email me back within 24 hrs and are alawyas helpful when I call.. I have NEVER had a bad experience with them!
  7. Going to try it now, thank you.
  8. if you go through their "classic site" the code will work on true religion jeans. I was able to purchase some today :smile:
  9. Aw man :sad:, i wish i knew this a week ago. I purchased a pair of joe jeans and a top for only 15% off. I wasn't able to get a match for shopdolly's 30% off b/c they said they didn't seem them as a competitor. Do you think I can get them to do a price adjustment (an additional 10% off) using their current 25% code?

  10. BabyK, you should definitely try. I feel like they will though. They are always willing to help you out, putting the customer first! Please let us know how that goes.

    However the 25% off cannot be applied ot your joe's jeans purchase but perhaps your top?
  11. ^^ yea the revolve checkout system is smart enough to distinguish what is inc. in the discount and what isnt so they will just give you discount on the items that qualify
  12. Thanks for the 25% code. I got my daughter a Juicy tracksuit. It is not hard to find sales on the Juicy velour pieces, but it sure is a challenge to find two pieces in the same color and in the size needed!
  13. how do you go to their classic site? =D
  14. does anyone know how to go through their "old site"??
  15. Revolve has been the #1 merchant on my CC lately...... :whistle: :shrugs: :whistle: