Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters

  1. OMG i just found these at my CVS! they had a full display so i didnt pick any up.. im going to check out some online swatches and figure out which one i want to try. i literally was jumping with excitement over finding them, LOL!!
  2. I picked up Pink Truffle and Candy Apple and I LOVE both of them! The packaging is cute and they feel great on the lips. They remind me a lot of the MAC Sheen Supreme lipsticks that came out back in the summer. They are very pigmented - more like a lipstick as opposed to a lip butter. Definitely plan on purchasing more in the future :tup:.
  3. I can't wait to try these.. I'll wait until Walgreens has Revlon for BOGO though.
  4. I found these at Walgreens. I got Creme Brulee, and Peach Parfait. I think they are ....ok? I definitely feel like I have several lipsticks that "feel" just as good on my lips.
  5. I really want to try these out! I need to make a trip to CVS or Walgreens.
  6. I live in the SF Bay Area and I saw these at my local CVS (BOGO50% off!!) and as well as my local Target. Only thing is, the display at CVS was completely wiped out and the display at Target didn't have all of the colors. I'm on a mission to find the color Red Velvet!

    Here are some swatches of a few of the colors:
  7. I finally found these at Target and got Creme Brulee. I really like it so I'm gonna try some of the other colors.
  8. Is Creme Brulee frosty or shimmery?
  9. PSA for Canadian (specifically, TO girls!):

    They've arrived. They had a cardboard display at the Shoppers in the underground Bay-Adelaide centre; didn't look like they'd sold out of any... yet. The display was pretty full, but they also put it in the skincare aisle (along with the Olivia Wilde/CS display) instead of the makeup aisle - which seemed to be overrun with Maybelline collections, at the moment.

    I believe they were $10.99+tax. HTHs some of the girls who were interested - TBH, with all the hype, I'm a little buttered-out, and I'll probably just wait till they're on the Revlon schematic or on promotion before I purchase. It was exciting to actually see them in person (no testers though, from what I could see/tell though!) but again, I didn't think they looked as spectacular as everyone made out to be. I understand it's drugstore, but I'd heard people on Youtube claim they felt as classy and as expensive - packaging-wise - as Dior LipGlow, and I would definately disagree - they're nice, but they're as drugstore as any of Revlon's other lines.
  10. I'm not very thrilled w/ mine. They're just OK for me. L'Oreal has come out w/ a less pigmented "Balm". According to Nouveau Cheap it's been spotted at Rite Aid, I'm looking at mine tomorrow.
  11. So far I have tried Tutti Frutti (:tdown:) and Gumdrop (:tup::tup:)... TF was too orange for me but Gumdrop is the most beautiful lavender ever... I will definitely stock up of Gumdrop when I can find it, it's perfect!
  12. I love the pink truffle and brown sugar. I'm on a lookout for the peach parfait, which was sold out at my local Target.
  13. My Target was almost wiped out completely, but I did get a Candy Apple, which is beautiful. I found a display at CVS, but that was wiped out. I think once we get past Christmas (and the drugstores get rid of the crap-tacular kids makeup sets) they'll be more widely available.
  14. Are they going to be a regular product? I really want t try red velvet. Ugh and I hate those no name sets too. They're taking up all the space where the new collections would sit. :sad: