Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters

  1. I just bought a couple yesterday at shoppers, brown sugar and pink parfait. They are sleek, glossy, neutral shades, that do resemble the new Dior addict texture, feel and longevity. I am a makeup snob, and prefer Dior to almost everything......but for a THIRD of the price, with a chance of a sale, I think these Revlon butters do compare to the Dior addict ones....and I think for a drugstore brand they are pretty good!!
  2. they have them at the wegmans in fairfax va
    and they have only a couple at the target in arlington by petsmart
    and then at the other target by skyline drive they have a few too.
  3. That's what they reminded me of as well - so much that I'm wondering if Revlon is owned by the same company that owns Dior.

    I just have two and I've only been able to find them at Super Target (Kansas here). I bought Pink Truffle and Sugar Plum for $6.99 ea. While I prefer pure gloss in the winter, these will definitely be a staple for my lips during the summer.
  4. I only have 1 CB lip butter (Sweet Tart, Shoppers at Coxwell & Danforth for those who care), but compared to the three RCS lipsticks I own/use (Antigone, Evasion, Chance), I find the Revlon's much slippier in texture; they still feel like a balm on whereas the Rouge Coco Shines feel more like a lipstick, and tended to have more of a drying texture. If anything, I found them closer to the YSL Gloss Volupte sticks in texture; though I still think the Revlon packaging leaves something to be desired.

    They might resemble the Dior lip addicts or Glow, but the packaging reminded me more of the Maybelline CS lipsticks than anything in a high-end or mid-end line in a department store. It feels rickety and cheap, especially compared to the fact that Revlon really shot the packaging for the Colorburst lipsticks and glosses out of the park. This, they dropped the ball on, packaging-wise, IMHO.
  5. I got creamsicle, creme brûlée, strawberry shortcake, peach parfait, pink truffle, cotton candy, berry smoothie, sugar plum, red velvet... Gone a little crazy but I absolutely love these!

    I think peach parfait, pink truffle, creme brûlée, and cotton candy are all very nice and natural looking.. I'm not very adventurous with my lip color..

    The ones I didn't really like (colors didn't look nice on me) were creamsicle - too frosty/light and strawberry shortcake - too pink. But that's just me..
  6. Thank you for your helpful review :flowers: I'm a huge RCS addict, but they are quite expensive, as you know. So I think I'm going to give this dupe a try soon. Regarding the packaging: well, nothing can beat the luxurious packaging of Chanel, that's for sure! :biggrin:
  7. I am hoping to find Sugar Frosting, Cupcake and Creamsicle. I think I'll try a Rite aid since someone said they're buy 1 get 1 50% off there.
  8. Finally found these at Walgreens BOGO half off. I got gumdrop & peach parfait. Both are sheer which is what I prefer.
  9. Very drying:sad:
  10. These are on sale next week at rite aid (bogo 50+ earn 3 up rewards for every 2 purchased) and at cvs (6.49 each earn 4 extrabucks, limit 6!!) so between the 2 places im hoping to score a few tubes..

  11. I have to agree. For something marketed as a moisturizing lip balm type product, they are pretty drying. I do still really like them, though. Candy Apple has become one of my fave reds!
  12. I just got a couple at Rite Aid last night but they were full price at $7.49 each :sad: They had a good amount left, and since I'm horrible at makeup and don't wear much on a daily basis, spent forever trying to pick colors! I ended up with Pink Truffle and Berry Smoothie. I haven't tried Berry Smoothie yet, but today I'm wearing Pink Truffle and actually really love it! I've heard my lips are pigmented (again, I know nothing about my coloring or makeup!) and are pretty big so I don't like to call much attention to them. I wanted colors that were just an enhanced version of my natural color lips and so far Pink Truffle is great! I'm hoping Berry Smoothie will have a similar effect as well.

    As for hydration, I applied this over chapstick this morning and was initially great. Smooth and soft application. I just noticed though that my lips are a bit flakey, but that's probably because I have really dry lips. I got these because the feeling of full on regular lipstick feels a little much for me on a daily basis, and I wanted something that I could wear everyday that wouldn't dry out my lips. Something low maintenance and easy to apply. These seem to fit the bill and now I would like to find Brown Sugar!
  13. I gave into curiosity and purchased Cotton Candy, which is a sheer pink. I also found it drying and had to layer a clear lip gloss on top of it.

    I still need some time to decide if I like it or not, but the price point isn't too bad. I strangely like the packaging, it's bulky and easy to fish out of purse! Lol

    Here are some pictures of Cotton Candy:



  14. After trying these out, here's my .02: they aren't what I'd consider a lip butter. These to me are semi moisturizing sheer lipsticks. After a few minutes of wear, my lips felt dry. I think chap stick does a better job at hydration. The lip butter that I love is Korres.

    I've heard some compare these to Chanel rouge coco lipsticks, and even Chanel is more moisturizing.

  15. I don't really use mine that I bought - Brown Sugar, Pink Truffle, and Peach Parfait. I gave Pink Truffle to my mom. I just got the ones from L'Oreal and I like it a lot better than Revlon's Lip feels more moisturizing. I also have a Chanel RC Shine and Dior Addict Lipstick - I like Dior's formula better.