Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters

  1. Any reports of CVS getting these?
  2. Revlon is 40% off at Rite Aid this week. I might go see if I can find these.
  3. Was out running errands today and went by Rite Aid. Saw the new lip butters. Might wait when Rite Aid has a sale on Revlon.
  4. Really??? I was at Rite Aid today but didn't see a sale sign. Might have to go back to Rite Aid tomorrow.
  5. oh cool! I'll see if the Rite Aid by me has them...these remind me of my of Chanel Rouge Coco Shines or my Dior Addict Lipsticks...but much cheaper! :smile:
  6. I went looking for the lip butters but couldn't find any yet. I did find this liitle treasure! Anyone have it? It has 4 glosses on top and a tray underneath with the lipstick and brush. Not alot of product but it's cute and great for the purse. I'm lovin' it!

    Bordeaux in the Snow Lip Palette Limited Edition
  7. Maybe it is just the West Coast? I found them, and got 4 lip butters and a liquid lipstick.

    Oh, and if it is 40% off today will be the last day of the sale.
  8. Went back to Rite Aid today and the lip butters are on sale. I purchased Brown Sugar and Pink Truffle. I'm not sure about Pink Truffle but I love Brown Sugar. I was able to get both for the price of one!!
  9. They were 40% off at my Rite Aid too. I picked up two more tonight: Berry Smoothie: love! and Strawberry Shortcake which I think is too much of a blue based pink for me. Very Barbie pink.
  10. I finally found them at another Rite Aid - it was stocked up.

    I picked up Pink Truffle & Brown Sugar. In the pic, Pink Truffle is showing up darker than what it really looks's not that dark. I really like Brown Sugar.

    Pink Truffle

    Brown Sugar
  11. Do they seem like the Chanel RC Shines? I'm gonna hunt again today for them!
  12. Yes, very similar. But I actually like these better than the Shines. I seem to get more color payoff and it was long lasting too. It felt better too on my lips. I'm pretty impressed. I only have 1 RC Shine in Boy and haven't used it for months and likely won't get anymore. But w/these - I would definitely buy more!

    I hope you find some today!
  13. Just found a full display of these at (of all places) Bed, Bath & Beyond...picked up 3 of 'em thanks to the rave reviews. FYI, BBB will apply their coupons to a cosmetic purchase, so I saved $5. These are really nice!
  14. I found them at Walgreens :yahoo:They had a full display of them but I only got 2. Sugar Plum & Peach Parfait. They are very comforting on, so far I'm impressed too!

  15. yay!! :smile: I almost missed them at Rite Aid...they had all the new make up out but they were on the very bottom shelf.