Reveal! Fresh off Singapore Chanel Boutique!

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  1. My new baby says Peek A Boo! :dothewave:

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  2. Oh sweetheart, my life would be complete if I can only get the red jumbo, especially the maxi! It's so coveted here in Singapore! :love::love::love:
  3. SarahRae, Sydney just got stock of the Maxi in Red! I ordered one last Friday and one am waiting impatiently!!! Should arrive at my doorstep this Wed!!!

    Maybe you could call them to see if they would ship to SGP?
  4. I did not dearie, it was already a nightmare navigating Orchard Road today, I can't possibly imagine heading to Marina Bay Sands! :nuts:

    I heard the new Chanel duplex there is absolutely gorgeous though. Will try to sneak in on a weekday! :graucho:
  5. Omg, you lucky lucky woman you!!! Would you happen to have the number for the Chanel Sydney boutique and perhaps, the SA you ordered it from? Are you also from Singapore dear? :smile:
  6. Just that I called SGP Chanel chasing after a red (before I call Sydney) and they told me that the Marina bay store has a "special" issue just for that store and it is a Reissue size 226 in something like a "chilly red"....and I spy a hint of red in that little package of yours...hehehehe
  7. Not a big fan of the Reissues... ;)

  8. My in laws are in SGP. Give me a min....will look up Sydney store no for you.....

    Hey, I am headed to SGP in Nov. I could bring it in for you. its AUD5100
  9. Strip! Strip!
  10. Any other guesses dearies? ;)

  11. Sydney store - 02-92334800. And I heard they got only 3 in and they got them in middle last week. Good luck! They only accept bank transfers though but I am SURE they will ship it to you as long as you pay the shipping fees.
  12. I am holding my breath.....I know she is something in red......
  13. Aww, that's truly lovely of you dear!

    I might also be heading to Sydney for a holiday, so far it's just tentative, however I'll see if Chanel Sydney can ship to SG, if not maybe we can work out some kind of arrangement.

    Thanks a million babe! :hugs:
  14. Noted with many thanks dear! I'll be calling them first thing tomorrow morning!! :yahoo:
  15. I can't contain my own excitement! :lol:

    *** Ta Dah *** :yahoo:

    Presenting my lovely Half Moon WOC in Burgundy Red! :yahoo:

    This is my first Chanel WOC, I was contemplating the quilted caviar WOC, however the black is totally sold out in the Singapore boutique, although they do have it in Grey, I was not feeling the colour, and when comparing both side by side, I felt the Half Moon is more spacious and somehow exudes a more classy feel! ;)

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