Reveal! Fresh off Singapore Chanel Boutique!

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  1. I've been pretty depressed lately and have been going through quite a rough patch...

    Le Sigh...that's what family drama can do to you... :tdown:

    Anyways....I figured,some retail therapy is badly needed! :woohoo:

    Who's up for a reveal? :graucho:

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  2. nothing like Chanel to cheer you up!
  3. ITA joansie! :smile:
  4. Oh a live reveal yay!! :woohoo:
  5. I've never done a "Live" reveal before, so pardon my nervousness! :nuts:

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  6. Anyone can guess what it is? :amuse:
  7. La dee daaa... :sneaky:
  8. a live one glad I made it
  9. Any guesses my dear Tpf'ers? :thinking:

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  10. Lol welcome to the 'Live Reveal' beachtime! :happydance:
  11. Any hints?.....oooo can't wait...take it off, take it off!!
  12. A red jumbo??
  13. :thinking: Hmm lets see some more....
  14. Did you go to the new outlet at Marina Bay??
  15. Reissue 226 in red?