Reveal! Fresh off Singapore Chanel Boutique!

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  1. Congrats very pretty bag
  2. Beautiful! Congrats!!:woohoo:
  3. Thank you beachtime and LVDevotee! :biggrin:

  4. Oh she is Gorgeous! I was wanting a black! All sold out?....sigh....
  5. Modelling pics please? Is there only reds left in the half moon WOC? Ooo, you are lucky too....she is soooooo sweet!
  6. Congrats! I love this shade of red! Good choice, Babe!
    MBS store is much bigger, but I still prefer the one at NAC.
    The place feels so familiar and cozy :smile:
  7. :woohoo: congrats on your half moon WOC- the red is lovely!!!
  8. Thank you dear! :smile:

    The blacks are always the first to sold out babe....Le sigh...
  9. I will try my very best to post modelling pics this Friday. Friday is casual day in the office so I think I can get away with my new baby hehehe... :graucho:

    Yes babe, the black and blue is completely sold out, so far when I was at the boutique earlier, there was only 2 new pieces and now that I've snagged one, they have one left!
  10. Thanks babe! :smile:

    I've never been to MBS, heard it's lovely, but yes I have to agree, I might still prefer the one at NAC too. I pretty much know the nook and corners of the store hehehe... :graucho:
  11. I hope your beautiful WOC has cheered you up! Take care, k?

    And good luck on calling Sydney tomorrow. Hope to hear the good news! :smile:
  12. Thanks sweetie! :smile:
  13. It surely has sweetie, although not 100% but hey, time will heal all pain right? :smile:

    Thanks for your concern :hugs::flowers: and yes, I am hoping for good news tomorrow too! :sweatdrop:
  14. congrats... nice bag!!
    havnt been to MBS as well. hope to make a trip there soon.. i agree too that RED bags are always sold out sooo fast in SG boutique!!!

    You can call US chanel. They might still have the red jumbo you are looking for and they ship to SG as well for a fee.
  15. It's lovely, congratulations!!