Reveal, and Info needed

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  1. I purchased this bag directly from Coach; but didn't think to ask what model it is.
    I also didn't keep the receipt, because I never save them.

    Can anyone please tell me the model name and colour of this bag?


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  2. That's the small Madison Madeline in Midnight Oak leather! Congrats!

    (But it came without the hang tags? There should be the leather one and a gold metal tag with a horse and carriage)
  3. Thanks Barskin, I never keep hang tags on my bags. I also have some MK bags, and the big logo tags are sometimes hard to remove.
  4. Oh? A no hang tag person. Interesting. Of course, the Coach tags are pretty discreet. Not so for the one on a Ralph Lauren bag I got last year. For a while the Lauren Ralph Lauren line was selling the bags with the Biggest Hang Tags Of All Time:


    That's some big HEAVY hang tag, huh?
  5. Geez, that's huge!
  6. Oh, yeah. And it's quite a substantial piece of metal on a very thick piece of leather. What were they thinking? But, to me, the Coach hang tags are so iconic; I won't even bid on one on eBay if it doesn't have it. But, chacun à son gout, as they say (which roughly translates, I believe, as "if you have gout, you probably don't care about handbags that much, anyway," or something like that).
  7. Lol...I like a small adds a little somethin , somethin! IMO! I don't care if people see that's its Coach though. I like it for me! :smile:
  8. Congrats! I just got a Coach clutch & the first thing I did was remove the little hangtag & tassels, lol They were annoyingly getting in the way & I like it better without them.
  9. *spew*

    Okay, you come clean my laptop screen now.

  10. OMG I bought it last October, and I have no plan to sell it; but I didn't even think to keep the hang tag.
  11. :roflmfao:
    I remove hanging things from other brands but usually keep the Coach hangtags. I removed them from a Poppy because it was too much bling. I was able to sell my MK hangtag.

  12. mean you not only took them off, but actually threw them away? The leather and metal tags?
  13. Well, it's a good thing that it's a gorgeous bag, isn't it. I love the Madeline. But, geez, did you know that you can sell hang tags alone on eBay, as well. They fetch good money. The leather and metal ones that came with this bag would have been especially valuable. There's gold in them thar key rings, slyyls! And, of course if you ever do want to sell any bag, (whether it be a Coach, MK or anything else) it catches a much better price if it comes with everything.
  14. That was smart, whateve. MK hangtags sell for big bucks!
  15. Wow! The hang tag on that RL is almost as big as the MK ones! Thank goodness Coach is pretty modest about theirs, lol. Congrats on the lovely Madeline!