Reed Krakoff Luxury Brand

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  1. I like the Boxer in glazed ostrich but the price is a bit steep
  2. The collection is amazingly wonderful! I haven't been feeling this kind of high over bags for months! I can see the quality of the leather and workmanship but wonder where are they made?
  3. Gorgeous but waaaay out of my price range.
  4. I read in the Coach forum that they are all made in Italy.
  5. Thanks for the info, Antonia.
  6. Love the styles, not the prices so much.

  7. ...and we know that doesn't mean much anymore ;)
  8. wait, so these are with Coach?
  9. ^I don't think so. Reed Krakoff is the still the creative director for Coach but this is his own line separate from Coach.
  10. No, it's completely seperate from Coach. These bags look so timeless to me-I would love to have one, just a little out of my price range!
  11. I have seen these bags twice now at Saks. I like the Boxer I, the Auction I and the Field I. I am actually debating buying one of these bags currently.
    My only issues are

    1) Maybe it's my imagination but the Field bag reminds me of Dooney and Bourke bags from 15-20 years ago. I think it's the leather and the shape.

    2) The Boxer bag is pretty but the two tone bags with different flap vs body color seems to stand out more than the single color bags. The "problem" is, most of these bags have exotic skins and are in the $5000+ range. There is one with light gray flannel and a brown leather flap which is very attractive, but for $1000, I don't know about flannel instead of leather. The all black leather one is cute, but from afar, it looks almost like any other $100 work bag because I think the belt detailing and the flap are harder to make out

    3) The bags are a little on the heavy side, but not impossible.

    The plus side, is these bags are definitely not "trendy" and are good work bags to carry for years....
  12. I am afraid of heavy bags...they are a NO NO
  13. It is a separate division of Coach - thier high end luxury brand. You can link to the site thru the Coach site or go direct. (Like Toyota and Lexus) See the upper right side of the Coach home page.