Red Hot & Cool Blue..Check out Twiggers' Additions...

  1. YAY!!! Two new additions to my family....

    First up is a brand new RED HOT 2006 Rouge VIF TWiggy!!! I needed a red bag to replace a couple red LVs I sold and this is perfect! The leather is PERFECT! Not too veiny and so soft! Lovin' it!!!


    No flash


    And secondly...just arrived today! I think I was lucky to find her at Saks and got a free $150 gift card (YAY)! My very first CITY in Aquamarine! WOW I LOVE this color and this style! I can't wait to wear her out :smile:



    The back (the leather is smooth to the touch!!!!)


    Now tell me you think this aqua is too close to '05 Teal? I have teal on my wishlist, but might remove it now! I'll leave the turquoises on as I think they are much darker!
  2. Ohhh...and I have another one coming this week...should be here tomorrow HEEHEE
  3. Fine choices! They're beautiful!
  4. congrats..that red looks so hot:cutesy:
  5. twiggers- love the aqua.....i want it!!

    The leather is TDF on both!

    I think you have the violet twiggy coming soon.:graucho:

    Congrats :yahoo::yahoo:
  6. Twiggers - you're on a roll!!! Such beautiful bags!! What's coming tomorrow? Can't wait to see!!!
  7. heehee loth! You are right :smile: I am so excited to see the Violet in person!!!!
  8. Both bags are gorgeous!!! Wow, you really lucked out finding that aqua!!! I've had both aqua and teal and they are very similar but aqua is a bit more vibrant........jmo, but I'd scratch teal off the list! :tup:
  9. WOW there is no stopping you now.:nuts: Congrats :yahoo:your Twiggy is so cute.:tup:
  10. I love your red twiggy, the leather looks really nice!
  11. Congrats!!

    I think I almost bought that very City: it's beautiful!!! I'm glad she want to a good home ;)

    BTW: the 07 Aqua is very very close to the 05 Turq!!! :heart:
  12. very nice. congrats!
  13. WOW, congratulations, Twiggers!!:yahoo: I love them both!:love: I agree with Cracker- I like Aqua more than Teal and they are quite close! Congrats again!:yes::heart:
  14. Thanks everyone!!!!!! And thanks for the advice on teal vs. aqua! I think I will scratch off teal ( less bag to lust after LOL)!!!

    And once I got this red I scratched off all my other reds...but I'm contemplating putting tomato back on! They just seem to be different shades...but now sure how much different! Maybe I could get it in a different style!

  15. ITA with Cracker-

    :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:CONGRATS! Yaay!!