Realization: the reason it's taking me so long to save for a Manhattan PM


Which would you have chosen if I had thought about this from the get-go?

  1. The small items/accessories were worth it!

  2. Girl! You coulda gotten a Manhattan PM!!

  3. Can't believe you gave up a Denim baggy pm...

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  1. My gosh... I really do want a Manhattan PM and a white MC speedy and a Denim baggy PM for that matter. Today I've realized that the little accessories are killing my savings plan!!! Don't know if I should be happy because I have these little treasures or I should be kicking myself because with the money I've spent in the last 2 weeks I'm pretty much almost at a Manhattan pm or a Denim baggy pm...

    So my wondering and curious mind... or perhaps I'm just looking for reassurance that I haven't been stupid and gave up a bag for multiple accessories... :P anyhoo...

    Would you rather have:
    Option 1:
    - 1 mono koala small agenda with rose interior (free 2006 full refill set)
    - 1 Groom cles
    - 1 monogram leopard scarf
    - 1 white MC pochette MM
    - 1 inclusion bracelet (in italics cuz I haven't ACTUALLY spent the $$ on this yet!*)

    Option 2:
    - 1 Manhattan PM

    Option 3:
    - 1 Denim baggy PM

    *and actually I could probably throw in an inclusion bracelet in Option 1 to get to the price of the Manhattan PM.
  2. Wow I can't believe that we are in the exact same boat.

    I fell in love with LV about 2 months ago and it was all due to the Manhattan PM! I have been trying to save for it but have been stopped by accessories:
    Groom Agenda
    Perfo Cles
    Mono 6 Key Holder
    Black MC Wapity.

    Now I do love my little accessories and they will be even GREATER once I have a bag to put them in. I would have had a Manhattan by now...but I keep telling myself. "I love the bag, I will get it eventually so enjoy these accessories for now"

    !! Besides the Manhattan PM I want the MC speedy one day and the Cabas Mezzo!!!

    ***maybe we should set up a small support group for ourselves:nothing more till manhattan!***
  3. Oh, I'd love to have the Manhattan PM and white MC Speedy too! :yes: But yea, never seem to be able to save enough for them. :rolleyes: :shame: But the accessories are nice too! I love the koala agenda with rose lining. :love: I guess, you should just set your priorities. Now that you have enough cute accessories, you can start saving for that Manhattan! ;)
  4. I agree with I Love LV. Now that you have your accessories out of the way, you can start saving on the Manhattan......and I just adore that purse!
  5. It is a comforting thing to know I'm not the only one! We'll look out for eachother and if we happen to fall off the wagon - we can encourage eachother (well congratulate eachother on definitely a great purchase).. encourage eachother to not fall off again so we can stay focused on the goal! :yes:

    My estimated timelines: March 2007 (birthday time!) for the Manhattan PM and Summer 2007 either the Denim Baggy PM or the white MC Speedy 30.

    It's tough staying away from the accessories tho because there is so much variety and so many lines - just too many pretty things! :love: I should be good to stay away from the accessories now tho - must be more resolved and plus I pretty much have one item of each 'type' of thing. I'm trying to resist the desire for a vernis small agenda!
  6. LOL... :lol: It's much easier to fork out the $300 for the cute accessories, especially if it's gonna be discontinued *gasp* soon! :sweatdrop: These seasonal and limited edition lines are making us hard to focus on the thing we actually wanted. :shame:
  7. So many obstacles. I will PM you with support every now and then lol.

    Ugh I also want the Framboise Vernis Malibu St......Don't let me buy it

    This damn list never ends!!!!!
  8. I haven't purchased any grooms because I need to buy this one bag..soon will be mine :love: . will cross it from my list.

    I was on wait list for at least 3 pieces from groom,and planned to get clear inclusion bracelet, bubble bracelet and some bandeau.

    After adding up some accessories, I can totally get a at this point I will get the bag first. I will get the groom one way or the other...I know I will...My heart is already set on it..
  9. ManhattanPM .
  10. I rather have one huge LV bag and save the little accessories on my wish list for bf, parents and nice relatives to buy for me on holidays. :graucho:
  11. No kidding!!! As I was posting the thread and I swear my brain works in ridiculous ways - I was thinking hm... the accessories don't add up to the manhattan.... but if I also got the inclusion bracelet it would be that amount. haha! :lol: :upsidedown: I'm getting so silly - using "adding up to a manhattan" as justification to get the inclusion bracelet (*sigh*)

    bagsnbags - wow! that's super resolve! I'm encouraged by your resolve to stick with your plan.
  12. I need to be apart of the support thread!
  13. I voted for small items/accessories, I love all the little things that LV has. LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!! I guess Im the only one that doesnt mind having all these little things over one bag. If you know you really want the manhattan PM, maybe you need to try harder. I think you purchased all those small items because you enjoy them just as much. Dont worry too much, eventually you will have enough money saved up!! :smile:
  14. I'd save for the bag you want most. once you have it get some small items. if you really like the groom cles i'd pick it up because they might be gone soon.
    Second thought why not buy the manhattan or baggy used ? it will save you some money and you could get a small item or two.
  15. Hmm, that's a great idea..! :graucho: :P