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  1. the scene with Taylor and Adrienne discussing the Godmother thing was SO awkward. Adrienne was straight forward and honest but man, that must've been incredibly uncomfortable!
  2. It was awkward, for sure, but Bravo was playing fast and loose inserting that scene into this season's "lost" footage. At the lunch, you can see the gold tinsel in Adrienne's hair that she was so fond of last season, and this season she didn't wear the tinsel. I also noticed that one of the interview segments with Kyle was from last season (the segment where she was wearing the raspberry pink top). It looks like they were hurting for material for this hour-long special.

    HermesNewbie, I agree with you. It's becoming too far-fetched, and like lucywife says, she's now making a mockery of it. Russell had the history of shady business practice and the abuse against past girlfriends; there's no need to keep making everything as grandiose as possible because what it does (or at least what it's doing in my opinion) is make people who did believe her claims give her the side-eye after each dramatic story.
  3. They are really dragging the season out. 3 parts for a reunion and now lost footage. I didn't care for the reunion. I think Andy could have wrapped it up in one episode.
  4. I'm still betting on borderline personality.
  5. This. Definitely.
  6. I give Adrienne props for being so up front about it all. And, honestly, she was right to turn it down and she was right about all the reasons she gave Taylor. taylor just wanted a wealthy millionairess as Kennedy's godmother and she didn't care who it was.
  7. Taylor kept insisitng that Adrienne accept the godmother role, it was so desperate and transparant.

    ALso the scene with Adrienne saying Lisa stirs the pot... wtf was that about. Taylor was mad Camille outed her abuse charges, Camille was upset Taylor was making it seem like it was a secret and she hadn't been blabbing it around to anyone that would listen. In that case it wasn't about Lisa.
  8. The more I see of Taylor, the more I am inclined to believe the abuse was a lie. Especially since we have found out the pics of her alleged abuse was the result of surgery. I think she has told so many lies about so many things that she believes them.
  9. it was downright painful, like when you tell a panhandler to leave you alone...and they keep at you.

    taylor is a succubus. i love that word, i don't get to use it very often.
  10. gucci - i just googled this means seductress....sorry, i don't get it. can you pls explain to me??
  11. Definition #4 suits Taylor to a tee!
  12. Yep, especially read definition #4
  13. I do think it says a lot, but not in the way you are suggesting. To me it says that if a man and woman look a certain way, people are not going to believe that the woman is being abused by the man even if she is. That is sad. Russell didn't even really deny it, and his committing suicide shows he was unstable. I think Taylor is lucky he didn't kill her first and then commit suicide (or even god forbid their daughter).
  14. It has nothing to do with looks and more to do with the FACT that Taylor has been caught in so many lies. When she is trying to let the public believe she received bruises from Russell when in fact, it was from surgery, tells us everything.

    Its sad because some women are in abusive situations and women like Taylor, who is just screaming for attention anyway she can get it, makes it hard for the women who are really in need of help. Just because you're a women doesn't make your story true.

    Granted Russell was a seedy man, but he's no longer here to defend these allegations and nothing have been proven that it's true. All we know is that Taylor lies.
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