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  1. Taylor really needs to go after this season...
  2. This is where I am with the b#tch. I actually like Camille this season but would love to see her let it rip at Taylor now. Her PR people have told her not to I'm thinking.
  3. Unfortunately, the only way she will leave is when Bravo fires her. She told WW that her story NEEDS to be told:lol:

    I am hoping that she gets fired. Taylor brings NOTHING to the table at this point.
    If they want crazy, they should ask LaToya Jackson. She brings the cray-cray and is entertaining to boots. Plus she is friend with Lisa who needs someone to mingle with.

    The good thing is that if she comes back that would free me from that messy addiction.
  4. I don't doubt that taylor was indeed abused. I just don't believe it was as bad as she makes it out to be. I think she's embellishing to garner sympathy/money.
  5. I'm totally sick of Talyor's lies, her ever-changing stories about what actually happened, her revolting and insatiable greed for $$$ & fame, and her utter remorselessness of what she is doing. She reminds me of the Salahis, there's no shame or guilt, just a false bravado to forge on no matter what...I hope Bravo won't put ratings and controversy above the integrity of the show, they need to fire her!
  6. I want to feel for Taylor but with so many inconsistencies, her lies caught on the reunion re:Adrienne as Gd Mother, her name changes, her lies as part of the Ford family, the list is too long to type out. This woman needs so much help, and I don't think Bravo is doing her any justice by employing her as a wealthy Beverly Hills role model. (do any of them live there) There are other woman who are much better off in every aspect of life that can feed the drama, Bravo demands.
  7. The Lost Footage episode is on tonight. Has it already aired or is tonight the first time?
  8. Tonight's the first time. The RHoBH must bring big ratings, Andy can't drag the season out anymore can he?
  9. First time. :smile:
  10. Thanks, dolls. I actually look forward to the Lost Footage episodes more than the reunion shows.
  11. That's where I am with her. Like, there's no need to exaggerate the story where Russell turned into the Incredible Hulk, throwing people and animals in the pool, all while simultaneously trying to drown Taylor.
  12. So why doesn't one of these talk show hosts (I have not seen any talk show Taylor has been on) ask her point blank - put her on the spot and ask her "Was this black eye (picture up on the screen so there is no doubt what black eye is being referred to) directly due to Russell harming you or is it after-surgery bruising?"
  13. Adrienne is like "Taylor's not ok, then she is, not ok, then she is..."

    SHE'S ACTING!!! or Bipolar...but i'm gonna go with acting.
  14. I agree, that story did sound far-fetched. Maybe these "friends" will come forward and identify themselves and back up her story. Russell was hiding in the bushes listening to their conversation, became enraged and started throwing everyone (including the pets) into the pool while holding Taylor under water? Three (possibly more) against one and no one could stop him? No one called the police when Russell went on this crazed rampage? I'm not buying it. :nogood:
  15. lol Maybe they are scared that she will put Oklahoma on them or will write another book about being abused by so and so on their talk show while she's doing a noble deed saving the abused. How is she helping the issue anyway? She's making a mockery of it. JMO
    Makes total sense if she's bipolar though.

    Surprised by the lost footage, Kyle is my favorite now after Paul and Adrienne. Go figure.
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