Real Housewives of ATLANTA {RHoA}

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  1. i agree. Nene's money is the kind you can lose on a bad weekend at vegas. it isn't exactly enough to warrant having such a snooty, condescending and holier then thou attitude she has.
  2. Wonder who sheree will blame?
  3. marlo?
  4. The son-in-law who never materialized. That boy was her last hope.
  5. She sure did....She obviously was forced to be there. I thought the least she could do was fake it. The whole ATL cast expect Phaedra looked as if they didn't want to be there.
  6. I used to love NeNe, then her ego exploded in season 2 and I couldn't stand her. Then she seemed to calm down a little bit and now I like her again but I wouldn't have her in my circle of friends.

    She throws daggers at all of her friends. I cringed when Peter asked her to help with the anniversary party and she commented about some folks pay their bills and some throw parties. NeNe, Peter may be broke but we've never read about him being evicted.

    Sheree, just pittiful.

    Kandi - She's cool.

    Cynthia is a real sweetheart, love her!

    Kim - I feel sorry for her daughters, she's a nasty role model.

    Phaedra - love her!

    Marlo - Love her too and her wardrobe, townhouse and cars!

  7. yes!!!
  8. WTH is Sheree going to do without this show? I'm 99% sure the show was her only source of income. Maybe she can get a job as Kim's nanny.
  9. She can be the new Sweetie :lol:

    Seriously, Sheree only has herself to blame. Everybody that is in the housewives franchise can use the free advertisement to launch businesses. She had her chance - clothing line or she could have done a fitness video.

    She was too busy trying to get 'some 7 figures' from Bob, instead of earning it herself.
  10. Yep, she also has zero work ethic. She had good intentions with her business ventures, but lacked the motivation to follow through. Like you said, she'd rather get money from someone else instead of working for it herself. Damn shame.
  11. ^^^ lol @ "some seven figures"! but yes, instead of exhausting her energy and goodwill on "she by sheree" she should have been working on "shape by sheree". ;)

    in phaedra's voice ... everybody knows, you have to go with your strengths!
  12. I still like NeNe. Yeah, she's uppity now and annoying at times, but she makes the show. Hell, I would be a tad big-headed too if I had a rented house during the 1st season and now had a bit part on a top-rated show. Who woulda thunk it??? Ride the wave. Everyone is doing it.
  13. Ugh! Kandi & sex toys, yuck! She cannot sell me anything like that, what a turn off. When she begins to talk about sex, she creeps me out. Hope she hires models to peddle her goods.

    Good! And she can take her BFF-du-season Kim with her. I would love to see her firing on camera.
Thread Status:
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