Real Housewives of ATLANTA {RHoA}

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  1. Omg love this gif. Sanford is my all time favorite show.
  2. Oh yes she did! That episode of their argument in South Africa was epic! It was like Marlo went through this thread and memorized ever comment about Sheree and said it to her face. :cool:

    Thanks doll! I LOVE Sanford & Son.
  3. yes!!! It was a classic moment. Almost like she saw the whole season in a dream and then handed Sheree's azz to her on a silver platter - talked about her loosing her Jag, living in an apartment, no house, no man and srtuggling! I have that episode saved on my DVR :lol:
  4. Yes. I had forgot she said that too. I was focused I the heads bopping back and forth. Sheree tries I bring it to everybody but she couldn't come for Marlo. Imma have to you tube the scene again and watch it one more gin. That comment dang ain't you tired of struggling. I can't.
  5. I'm catching up on last episode... LMOA at Kroy asking Kim's dad for her hand in marriage like she's some innocent girl. Did Big Poppa ask Kim's dad permission to make her the side piece?
  6. isn't marlo worried about any future sugar daddy's watching the show and seeing her act a mess on there?
  7. probably not. These men aren't trying to wife her, they just wanna get it in.
  8. I need a NeNe + Andre Leon Talley show.
  9. she doesn't strike me as very discreet. especially being on a show, why would guys want everyone to know they are with a lady of leisure :lol:
  10. Who's watching?
  11. I'm here!
  12. I'm here!
  13. Uh, non of these people are attractive IMO
  14. One of those girls look like a girl that was on ANTM. Alana?? Anyone know?
  15. cynthia telling that girl to put her a s s cheeks away while her own boobs are all out on display was too much.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.