Real Housewives of ATLANTA {RHoA}

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  1. I'm still wondering, who in the h*ll is gonna watch Kim's show. 3kids by 3 different men ( yeah I'm judging) why should we celebrate her. Miss me!
  2. YOu wrong....LOL:lol:
  3. Yeah, she could have done a Bethenny with the Shape by Sheree.....You guys need to tweet her that.
  4. how many episodes does she have? maybe Bravo will start it and then realize it's bomb, no one is watching like the RHofMiami show and give it just a few episodes. i certainly won't be watching it.
  5. Poor Sheree. She is an example why ladies, you always need a plan B. I know she feels like she and her kids need to continue to live in a lifestyle of an NFL player's wife, but if his funds are gone, you can't do anything but adjust which is what she is refusing to do. It's called survival Sheree and it's nothing to be ashamed of. We've all got to do it at one point or another in our lives.

    :lol: I just 'can't with Kim'. I DEFINITELY won't watch her show nor Kandi's, but I would still watch a show with Cynthia. :smile:
  6. Well KathyB said she'll watch, so there is one viewer. I won't be watching.

    I'd watch a show with Cynthia. She should do something with her BFF Kithe. She seems to come alive when they're together.

    Sheree will never realize that it's ok to be down on your luck. But you've got to pick yourself up, get a real job and take are of dem babies! Or she can swallow her pride and call Marlo, she offered to introduce her to a man :lol:
  7. me too, I find her highly entertaining and fun. I think people see what they want to see based on their opinion of the person. I don't notice her being big-headed or acting superior at all like everyone else does. I guess she just doesn't bother me so I don't notice the moose-like qualities :shrugs:
  8. We all know she'll do that long before she ever gets a real job. She'd never admit to it though.
  9. In the words of Marlo to Sheree: "ain't you tired of struggling? kids sleeping on the floor. Don't you want a house? I can introudce you to someone, so you can get a come up"

  10. :lol:

    If Sheree was smart...She would give ol' Marlo a call. Hanging with Kim won't yield nothing but high blood pressure and low self-esteem.
  11. LOL, actually I saw Sheree out and about a couple of months back - she was definitely driving a new fancy Jag, so the $ is coming from somewhere (the show I suppose?). She does need to find her second wind though and power through it rather than wallow.
  12. Maybe she already put that call in to Marlo?
  13. LOL maybe it was on the sly and didn't fit into the show's script. ;)
  14. [​IMG]
  15. Damn she did say that to her.
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