Question for pochette lovers - help me choose a pochette!


Which pochette should I get?

  1. Pochette Accessories in Damier

  2. Mini Pochette Accessories in Damier

  3. Pochette Accessories in Mono

  4. Mini Pochette Accessories in Mono/Mono Trunks&Bags

  5. Something else entirely

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  1. I had decided that I definitely want to get a pochette, but I am getting a little caught up in all the options. I want a pochette to use inside my Damier Speedy 30 to help organize all the little things in my purse, but I also like the idea of being able to carry a pochette as a little purse, maybe with an extender or even a longer strap, on occasions where I don't need as much stuff. But I can't decide what size would be best.

    To complicate things, I think that I might be getting a Mirage Speedy in noir for Christmas (I posted about this before - I hinted a lot to my DH, and then saw a big box from LV that I don't think I was supposed to see!) Presuming I do, that makes picking the color tough, too, because I would like to be able to use the pochette in both Speedies if possible, and I'm not looking to get _two_ pochettes quite yet. So I'm not sure how important it is if the patterns match.

    And finally, I like the idea of the Damier Trunks&Bags, but I'm not sure when that will be available, and I want to get something next week when I will be able to go to a boutique.
  2. v0ted m0no
  3. Pochette in Damier! It's the one that I want. :smile: You can eventually get a long strap for it and wear it crossbody style sometimes too. There are a couple of pictures with tpfers wearing their pochettes that way and it is so cute!
  4. Pochette Accessories in Mono
  5. i have have the mini pochette in azur and the trucks and bags mini, i love both of them for organizing the small things in my bags. i am not too worried about my things "matching" but if that concerns you make the mono t&B would be better since its at least brown.

    On the other hand, i think you will want a full size pochette if you think you want to carry it alone sometimes, in that case my vote is for the azur pochette, I LOVE mine!
  6. Mini pochette accessories in mono or trunks and bags mono
  7. i vote trunks and bags, but i was so close to voting OTHER.. as in azur pochette accessoires. i LOVE it. esp when i'm wearing black
  8. i'd go for the Damier Pochette :smile: hope i didn't confuse you since a lot voted for the mono! :smile:
  9. What about an Epi pochette in a contrasting color, such as red? The red pochette will contrast nicely with both the Damier and Monogram canvas, plus it looks great on it's own.
  10. Mono Pochette! It will go well with both the bags you have, and is a different print if you decide to use it separately as a purse.
  11. ^^^Great Idea:tup:
  12. As for a pochette as little evening bag I would go for one of the special editions like Cherry Blossom or Panda if you like that comic / playful style. If you like something classic I would go for Mono.
  13. Mini T&B
  14. You guys are giving me a lot to think about. I had been leaning towards damier, but I may be getting swayed to mono. And I like the idea of epi in red. It definitely would go with both bags. But I have found I don't carry a red purse by itself much . . . I have one I don't get enough use out of, so I'm not sure I should get another.

    I'm glad to hear people seem to be okay with using a mono pochette with a damier bag. That gives me more choices . . . hmmm, maybe a mono now in the larger size and the damier T&B mini down the road if it ever comes out?
  15. T&B! So cute! What about the damier trousse make-up? It's super cute and it fits a ton!