Question for LV, Chanel, Gucci and other large logo / monogram lovers

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  1. So, I'll start by saying I know this is probably not going to be a popular question, and I'm sure ppl will get all in their feelings / chest about it. But here goes. I, like all of my lovely fellow TPF'ers are handbag lovers. and one of my guilty pleasures is not only collecting my own, but looking at the collections of others [in real life and on the board]. So I have a few friends who are LV lovers, and there is something I just don't understand. For me, personally, having a large handbag collection is useful, so that I will have a very diverse collection of styles, colors, and materials, so I have many options, to match up with my very diverse clothes collection.

    However, I've noticed, in real life, and on the board, I see, especially with LV, and ppl who have Gucci monogram, and chanel, they have different style bags, with the exact same pattern. now I know to each his own, it just seems weird that you would spend thousands of dollars per bag to mass a collection that completely lacks variety. I've asked my LV loving friends, and none of them can explain. But to me, the LV doesn't really match anything, and then the selection [in terms of color or materials] is basically 0, or maybe they have the brown mono, brown squares, or blue squares [sorry don't know the name]. and Chanel.

    So, just curious as to what's the pull? i've seen some posters say they don't get the appeal. but LV and Chanel obviously have mass appeal, and many loyalists. Do you all ever wish they would be a bit more diverse in their materials, colors, and styles?
  2. Guess people target what they like & use.
    Brands usually have an overall style, to try & match to one's personal style.
    Design shapes, hardware color/form, materials, etc.

    I own chanel, none of other brands you mention.
    And enjoyed mulberry, until recent changes to designs.
    None of my bags have dominant logos--not my preference.

    Suppose excitement over new season/colors is draw.
    To buy repeats of bags, which are working well.
    As you say, danger is wardrobe full of sameness.

    As in most things, probably comes down to inner discipline.
    Viewing needs & collection realistically.
    Saying, "No." ;)

    Also, resellers generally buy "stock." Multiples of what sells quickly.
    To use a few months, then move on.
    But, not my modus operandi. So own fewer, use more.
    And, as you say, diversify.

    But, everyone has his/her own game plan.
    So, play on. :biggrin:
  3. haha you are absolutely correct. It wasn't until recently that I've ever sold any bags, but so glad I did, and like u said many ppl sell bags several times a year. so yes, each person own game plan.
  4. I don't own any signature bags nor do I have any LV (and I struggle to the point of psychic pain to keep my "active grouping," as I call it, below 25 bags though I've had at least 100 cycle through my "grouping… LOL" in the last couple of years.) Anyway what I know from other areas of my life is that the mind of a collector sees big differences where others see nothing. So if you love something so much, the differences in styles and usage are huge to you, and well worth adding to your collection. I always think of that scene from the Devil Wears Prada where Andrea the assistant snickers when MIranda Priestley says that the two aqua-with-silver-hardware belts are so different. Everyone involved in fashion saw the big difference in how each belt could be used with that dress while the newbie saw nothing. My musings on this topic… a good one!
  5. I feel some of the basic monograms are wear with everything neutrals, so it's the same as having a dozen black bags.

    It's all habit and preference. I gravitate towards small belted totes and love pink, so my collection is predominantly that. I'm trying to broaden my horizons, because I have a bunch of pink bags I do love, but it's tough.
  6. It's all about what you like isn't it, and thank goodness, we all like different stuff. I'm not keen on prominent logos at all, personally I prefer to keep a lower profile.
  7. A friend's amazing collection of LV mono works for her because the similarity makes a it a collection. She has a glamourous yet classic style, so I suppose since the original idea was for a matching traditional luggage collection, it works with/for her. She obviously also appreciates the lightness and durability of coated canvas and that East/West pattern. She is the ol' school LV mono queen.

    Personally, I've only two GG-print bags. One vintage and another 7 (the younger now looking decidedly on-trend again). I like the 69 print because it's naughty, clever and the coated canvas bags are no worry.

    As for Chanels and large single logo bags: so long as it works with the overall aesthetic of the bag I'm happy. I found it too much on a GST as it made me feel self conscious and so swapped it, though kept my Cambon tote coz without the chain detail the python CC better to me.

    I actually prefer these than the full name written (however small) on the outside of the bag.
  8. I strongly prefer a lower profile, I have a few mono Guccis, and several signature DB logos [although I got rid of quite a few]. But even my monos r not so noticeable [gran on white, embossed, etc.]

    the matching luggage I understand, I actually think it's nice, it's just I've seen collections with literally 20+ of diff bags in the exact same color/pattern. But I get what you're saying.
  9. It can vary within a brand too can't it? Mulberry Darias have a large glossy plaque, but the Bayswater is very low key.
  10. Hehehe--so true.
    How else could I have fed a rumbling mulberry oxblood craving,
    Whilst STILL choosing bags for different needs? ;)
  11. Yes indeedy ;) I've just ordered another Pandora, to meet an entirely different need from the one I already have!
  12. it's not dissimilar from going into a dept. store and buying a turtleneck, or tee, or pants, in every single color, which lots of women do. some people shop that way and others spice it up. there is a gal on here w/like 60+ Bal bags.. the same exact bag in like 60 colors. whatever works. brand loyalty and when you find something you like there is nothing wrong w/sticking with it
  13. What is the pull? Good question! It hits us at different life stages. When I bought Chanel's I never even considered LV. I turned to LV many years later because I wanted a lighter weight bag that was fashionable. Chanel's can get heavy if you buy the larger sizes and the small ones don't fit much. Some of us only want to buy recognizable bags, but I agree a lot of them look alike because that's what is produced by the designers. The "pull" is different for each one of us.
  14. Yup. The heart wants what the heart wants. ;)
  15. I'm ok with a single logo, but am not a fan of a repeated logo (though I'm growing to like LV empreinte). I simply tend to gravitate towards simpler, "cleaner" styles. But I have friends who have logo bags and while I personally wouldn't carry them, the style works with what they wear and looks good on them.
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