question about dior gaucho large

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  1. Hi, all

    After i saw fayden's white gaucho, i immediately fell in love with it. So i went to the dior store in southcoast plaza today but they sold out the gaucho double saddle in red!!!!!!! :sad:((

    I have wayyy too many white bags, so i really want this red version and I love the design, it looks so retro....

    So here is my question, does anyone here know where i can find the double saddle in red or brown? I love the red but the brown looks better in person and my bf loves the brown more.

    Eluxury has only the white one left...The dior store SA said it is sold out everywhere -_- i should have ordered earlier....

    Anyway, any info would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. The Houston Dior store has it! I just saw it about two hours ago. :biggrin:
  3. Does the medium gaucho come in all three colors as well?
  4. thanks a lot daisy.

    i found two different dior in houston
    The Galleria 5085 Westheimer, Suite b2360 Houston
    TX 77056 Houston
    Tel : 713 552 0277
    Fax : 713 552 0211

    Saks Fifth Avenue - 5115 Westheimer
    TX 77056 Houston
    Tel : 713 355 1218
    Fax : 713 355 1245

    which one is the one u mentioned???
  5. yes, i think so. but i don't see the medium size in store. I do see a few small ones in red, white and brown.
  6. Sorry, it's the Dior Boutique, not Saks. :smile:

    And, yes, the medium comes in all three colors. The Dior store had the medium and the large, but not the tote.
  7. Well, they have the red tote but it is on hold in the back for me!!!! I am picking it up on Monday. I did see the large red gaucho and it is beautiful. I think they might of had the brown also. Good luck. This is the Dior store in the Galleria.
  8. That's tomorrow--I'm excited for you! I hope you love it.
  9. I do too. I have bought this tote site unseen. I had seen it in the ads though and loved it. Everyone at the Dior store said the tote was their favorite in the gaucho. It is my understanding that the tote is hard to get.
  10. I was originally going to get the red tote from Saks. Once I saw it, I just knew it wouldn't work for me so I got the white. They're both gorgeous though! I know the tote sold out immediately on eluxury. I don't know if there were just less of them made or if they were that much more popular.
  11. So, did you get the white tote? Do you absolutely love it?!!
  12. Yes and YES! I've already posted my pics but here they are again... (excuse dorky pose)


    Attached Files:

  13. Saks Dior in Las Vegas has 2 red totes available if anyone is looking. I tried it on, but I'm not sure I like it.....neither did the SA's. The regional manager of Dior said the medium gaucho is by far the most popular.
  14. The tote has to be FILLED to get the full effect... it's ugly when it's flat and empty!
  15. Maybe that's it, did look so flat and square. I'm still bummed about it because I'm a handheld bag girl!! I should look at it again. I put my stuff in it and it was still flat.....maybe I need to pack it a certain way?