question about dior gaucho large

Jan 30, 2006
hermesBB said:
Hi, all

After i saw fayden's white gaucho, i immediately fell in love with it. So i went to the dior store in southcoast plaza today but they sold out the gaucho double saddle in red!!!!!!! :sad:((

I have wayyy too many white bags, so i really want this red version and I love the design, it looks so retro....

So here is my question, does anyone here know where i can find the double saddle in red or brown? I love the red but the brown looks better in person and my bf loves the brown more.

Eluxury has only the white one left...The dior store SA said it is sold out everywhere -_- i should have ordered earlier....

Anyway, any info would be appreciated. Thanks

dior in short hills new jersey had one and so did bergdorf goodman in nyc


Oct 18, 2005
girlsgottoshop said:
Maybe that's it, did look so flat and square. I'm still bummed about it because I'm a handheld bag girl!! I should look at it again. I put my stuff in it and it was still flat.....maybe I need to pack it a certain way?

Ya know, I'm not totally sure. After thinking about this, when I played with the red one at Saks, it had some tissue stuffed inside AND I put my stuff in and I still didn't like how it looked so I passed. When I got my white one in the mail the next day, I was expecting not to like it but when I put my stuff in, I immediately fell in love. Maybe the red one just has a different vibe or something? I dunno!


The Shopping Queen
Jan 5, 2006
I think you're depends on the color. I tried on the red in the tote and it was NOT attractive. All the SA's were saying that they were so disappointed in it because it was just a big, flat square with no slouch at all and it looked busy with the studs where the straps attach on the front. When I look at pics of your white, it looks sooooo nice!! My stepdaughter was with me and she agreed when we looked at your pics. It looks fab in the white! If I were to get the tote, I'd definitely get the white. I don't think the red and brown are a good choice in this style.


Feb 1, 2006
thanks girls. I decided not to order from the dior boutiques directly in case i need to do exchange or return. So i talked to my nm shopper and she will take care of it from this point on. Anyway, thanks a lot for the info.
U girls are really sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!